The National Kidney Foundation's 'Now! you know' Campaign

Our new multimedia public education campaign, "Now! you know" aims to inform those at risk and those who already have kidney disease about what they can do to protect their kidneys and improve their health. "Now! you know" addresses the lack of knowledge about kidney disease, even among those most affected. Research shows that 26 million Americans have kidney disease, most don't know it and many at greatest risk—the 73 million with high blood pressure or diabetes—are also in the dark about the importance of kidney screening and healthy lifestyle. The campaign provides a call to action which drives people to their doctors for screening and to the National Kidney Foundation for comprehensive information and support services. Personal stories from patients, caregivers, families, health care providers and those at risk are used to communicate these messages.

For more information, contact Sean Roach at (212) 889-2210, ext. 235.

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