E-Kidney Newsletter February 2009

John Davis, NKF CEO
John Davis, NKF CEO
Organ Shortage Needs Multi-Faceted Approach

The National Kidney Foundation's (NKF) Board of Directors has announced a comprehensive action plan to address the urgent need to increase the number of organs available for transplantation in the U.S. The END THE WAIT! initiative is a virtual call-to-arms designed to put in place tested and proven actions relating to education, financial and medical practice. The initiative, announced publicly in USA Today on January 29, will begin immediately and end the wait for kidney transplants within 10 years. For more click here.


Love your KidneyIt's Valentine's Day…
Show Your Kidneys Some Love

As Valentine's Day approaches, it's time to stop taking the people we love for granted—especially those who show their love in quiet, daily acts of support that enable us to focus on our busy lives. The National Kidney Foundation encourages Americans to mark this occasion by considering some of the many ways their kidneys quietly support their health day-to-day (filtering their blood, controlling blood pressure, supporting healthy bones) and how much their health will suffer if they develop chronic kidney disease (CKD). It's often said that "love means paying attention" so getting to know the risk factors is a critical first step toward focusing on kidney health.


Sandy WebsterKidney Disease in African Americans Goes Undetected Until the Latest Stages

Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels are familiar to most African Americans at risk, but kidney disease is off the radar screen, a new study reports.

The rate of kidney failure for African Americans is four times higher than among Caucasians and one reason for this is that they are not aware when they have earlier stages of kidney disease, at a time treatment could prevent the damage from progressing to the point when dialysis or kidney transplant is necessary. The problem appears to be specific for kidney disease, since most African Americans who had diabetes, hypertension , or high cholesterol knew so.


Top Ten TipsAsk the Doctor

Do you have any questions about kidney disease? Risk factors? Signs and symptoms? Are you concerned about yourself, a friend or a family member? The National Kidney Foundation encourages you to ask our resident expert, Dr. Leslie Spry any questions about kidney health through this new interactive feature on our web site, www.kidney.org. All answers will be posted online.


RecipesJoin Kidney Kitchen For A Trip Down the Aisle

This month the Kidney Kitchen is steering you towards a colorful place that has plenty of water and a fresh aroma. No, it's not the beach. It's the produce aisle at your local supermarket. Load up your cart, haul out your cutting board and enjoy this hearty Italian Roasted Vegetable Soup recipe.


Kidney Golf winnersHe Donated His Car And Got the Drive of His Life

Richard Cloward wasn't expecting anything special when he donated his 1991 Chevy one ton truck to the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Cars Program. In fact, this was his fourth vehicle donation to NKF, and he was looking forward to nothing more than a nice tax write-off.

So naturally, the West Jordan, Utah resident was shocked and delighted, when he won the Grand Prize in the NKF Kidney Cars 25th Anniversary Sweepstakes: an all-expense paid, four-day and three-night weekend stay at the famous Pebble Beach Resort in California, plus a chance to win $25,000.

Kidney Golf winnersA Valentine's Day Tale
She Loves Him With All Her Kidney

While the heart may be the organ of love for most, to Bruce and Aurelia Keaton, of Buffalo, NY, the kidney they share is most definitely a symbol of their enduring love. On September 1, 2007, Aurelia gave Bruce a kidney and, one year later, Bruce gave Aurelia a wedding ring.

Uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes caused Bruce's kidneys to fail and compelled him to spend three days a week tethered to a dialysis machine. Doctors said he had less than a year to live if he didn't receive a new kidney. When family members were unable to donate, a nurse noted that the donor didn't need to be a blood relative, so Aurelia – Bruce's girlfriend at the time- got tested and turned out to be his true match.

SCM09Network and Learn at NKF's
2009 Spring Clinical Meetings

If you're a member of the kidney health care team , join your peers for a cutting edge program highlighting the newest developments in the field at the National Kidney Foundation 2009 Spring Clinical Meetings in Nashville, TN from March 25-29. Internationally acclaimed faculty will present a large selection of specialized courses, interactive workshops, debates and unique plenary sessions that carry a substantial number of CME/CE Credits. Space is still available and NKF members save up to 30%. Register today.