SCM11 Testimonials

Hear what our attendees are saying about the NKF Spring Clinical Meetings…

“A great place for 'Networking" and learning.”

“Excellent meeting, this was the 5th Spring Clinical meeting I have attended over past 20 years.”

“Good program information as well as networking with colleagues.”

“As a new dialysis facility RD, the classes I attended will be very beneficial to my practice.”

“As a new renal social worker I was able to gather knowledge and understanding that I did not have before. I also am now able to bring that back to my own practice and share it with the staff.”

“It helped me consolidate my decision to take up nephrology as my specialty.”

“As a new manager I learned valuable tools to help me be better and solidify goals that must be met.”

“Every session I attended was excellent, and included educational content that was new and extremely relevant to my work and professional development.”

“Very educational and caused me to take a look at my clinical practice in the dialysis center and how I can make changes to better serve my patients.”

“Interdisciplinary meting makes it more of an effective meeting.”

“I was pleased with the variety of courses to choose from and the presenters were very knowledgeable.”

“All of the classes were very good and provided relevant information.”

“Lots of clinical information provided, very relevant to all aspects of CKD and AKI.”

“I was a first time attendee and found the experience very refreshing as a Nephrology SW. The Networking opportunities as well as the CEU's was great. I would recommend this conference to any Nephrology Professional.”

“Was very pleased with the content of the meeting and liked the choice of several lectures at any given time.”

“Topics were varied and well done. Practical information was provided, as well as, background information and future areas of attention. Met professional from the US and other countries to share experiences.”

“Very good material and it was great networking to get ideas etc”

“I found each session to contain a plethora of information to enrich my role as a renal dietitian.”

“I found all sessions to be very helpful either to reinforce current practice or for ideas regarding how to enhance practice.”

“The information presented provides the opportunity to explain my knowledge and network with SW for other areas. The sessions I attended provided information that I can take back to my unit and applies to my practice.”

“I enjoyed this conference very much. It was informative, and on point with every event and issue regarding Kidney health. I am looking forward to 2012/Washington DC.”

“Excellent variety of topics pertinent to all areas of renal nutrition.”

“It was wonderful that there was an advance practitioner section of the conference.”

“This meeting helped to keep abreast of current issues and challenges we face today”

“I must say most of the information was right on target of what I face on daily basis with my patients.”

“Enjoyed the conference immensely!”

“I was very thrilled that the techs were included. It really made me feel good to be included”

“I was impressed with posters as a whole. It was definitely idea generating.”

“The posters were very informative and organized by topics so that I could focus on one or two areas of interest, ease of finding posters of interest.”

“I was impressed with the caliber and the amount of posters”

“I loved the poster presentations. My colleague and I were laughing that we are in Vegas and were not going out gambling or on the strip because we were so interested in the poster sessions...there until the lights dimmed both nights.”

“This is the best conference I have found for Pediatric Social Workers. I wish we could get more people to attend”

“I really enjoyed the conference. I liked that I could choose topics that best fit my needs.”

“I really enjoyed the spring clinical meetings and would encourage my colleagues to attend meetings in the future.”

“Very educational and excellent presenters.”

“The location was great! The registration fee was really a bargain since there was also breakfast and lunch each day!”

“I highly recommend this conference to all disciplines of the CKD team. Interacting with MD, PA, NP, and SW was a big part of why this conference was so valuable to me.”

“My first time at NKF and I will definitely be back. Very helpful.”

“Very good investment of my time and money for staying abreast of new ideas/research, and networking.”

“It is nice to see new products out on the market that you just don't have time to research on your own time.”

“I was able to keep abreast of the latest equipment and technologies and to actually spend time with the vendors”

“The experience is incredible. Educationally, and also the networking experiences are terrific.”

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