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Request for Proposals for Corporate Supported Symposia at the NKF 2013 Spring Clinical Meetings

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) invites both accredited and non-accredited continuing medical education (CME) and continuing education (CE) providers to submit proposals for corporate supported CME/CE symposia for its 2013 Spring Clinical Meetings (SCM13) to be held at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin in Orlando, Florida, on April 2-6, 2013.

I. Background

The mission of the NKF is to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases, and improve the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by these diseases. NKF holds the SCM each spring to offer a unique platform for kidney healthcare professionals to get together, learn the latest medical advances, research findings, and exchange knowledge and patient care ideas. SCM13 is the only Meeting in the country that focuses on practicing nephrologists, fellows, dietitians, nurses, advanced practitioners, social workers, and other multidisciplinary kidney care providers who practice nephrology care. At SCM13, participants can take part in informative sessions, engage in thought stimulating and interactive symposia, and network with peers and leading experts in the field.

The NKF 2013 Spring Clinical Meetings (SCM13)

SCM13 will emphasize the tradition of focusing on the practice of nephrology care. Its primary objective is to meet the nephrology community's need by promoting evidence-based medicine, providing unique opportunities for effective learning and professional development through rigorously developed pre-conference courses, scientific briefings, innovative and content rich sessions, and informative corporate supported symposia.

There has been a steady increase in attendance in this event. In 2013, over 2,600 professionals attended. Among the participants, physicians accounted for about 46%, and the rest were dietitians, nurses & technicians, social workers, advanced practitioners, pharmacists, and fellows. SCM13 is also expected to see the same trend.

Corporate Supported Symposium at SCM13

Corporate symposia at SCM13 will address the gaps in outcomes for patients with CKD, its risk factors, and co-morbidities, as well as the healthcare providers' performance. They do so by providing the symposium participants with knowledge on major advances and research findings in nephrology, best diagnosis and patient management strategies, controversies in practicing nephrology care, and the needed skills that may help narrow or close the identified gaps.

These symposia are held over breakfast, lunch or dinner. Usually, it is about 90-minutes in duration, with three segments, and conducted by up to three (3) faculty members. To enhance the interaction between the speakers and participants, almost all the symposia are ended with a Q&A component. The NKF encourages innovation in instructional design and delivery of the symposia, and always strives to include established adult learning methodologies, best practices in current adult learning, and creativity of the medical education partners into the design and delivery of the programs. Audience response system (ARS) is required for all presentations. The expected attendance is around 300 professionals for each event.

All symposia are open to corporate support. But it is the NKF that manages the content development, and faculty recruitment and training. The NKF will closely follow the ACCME's guidance of CME commercial support, and make sure that the views and program content are fair, balanced, and free from commercial bias.

Although the NKF will work with medical education companies to develop and deliver the symposia, it will be the accredited CME/CE provider for the symposia, and provide for CME/CE credit for physicians, nurses, dietitians, dialysis technicians and social workers. Additional accreditation will be obtained by NKF from additional providers as applicable.

II. Requirements


Date RFP Issued:

Date Applications Due:



The NKF requires the educational partners to follow the guidelines of the ACCME's Essential Areas and Their Elements in identifying the gaps in patient outcome and the healthcare providers' learning needs, and design and develop effective program format to deliver the knowledge and skills to the participants. To guarantee the compliance of the guidelines, it has developed a downloadable application form to guide the initial process for the symposia design and development. Specifically speaking, the educational partners should consider the following when submitting the applications:

  • Demonstrate an integrated learning approach with adult learning principles; use of case studies and ARS is required
  • Have well defined and researched needs assessments that identify current practice gaps
  • Link educational needs to achievable educational objectives
  • Result in improvements in clinical competencies, skills, attitudes or performance
  • Measure outcomes that demonstrate achievement of objectives

Therapeutic Area of Interest

All clinical and therapeutic areas related to chronic kidney disease (CKD), its risk factors and the complications are acceptable; however the emphasis should be on topics about CKD, acute kidney injury (AKI), anemia, mineral and bone disorders (CKD-MBD), electrolyte and acid-base abnormalities, glomerular diseases, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cardio-renal connection, diabetes and its complications (diabetic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy), dyslipidemia, dialysis and therapy options (in-center, home, peritoneal dialysis), kidney transplant, kidney stones, hyponatremia, hypertension, nutrition, polycystic kidney disease (PKD), lupus, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Submission and Execution Procedures

The application procedure for the current RFP consists of the following two steps:

  • Step One – All prospective educational partners are required to submit one Application Form (It can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.) for each of the symposium they plan to apply.  Each education partner can submit to NKF for up to 5 (five) applications (5 proposed symposia) for SCM12.
  • Step Two – NKF’s Program Committee will review the Application(s) within 10 business days of receipt. The standards of decision making are:
    • the program design and quality including alignment with adult learning methodologies, use of case studies, and the innovation in instructional design and program format
    • alignment of educational gaps, learning objectives, content and outcomes
    • the applicant’s execution capacity, and
    • NKF’s programming needs for areas of interest

NKF promotes high standards and best practices in CME/CE activities; therefore, additional consideration is given to proposals that demonstrate an intent to improve overall patient outcomes and healthcare providers performance in a specific therapeutic area through team approach, or through educational interventions that incorporates evidence-based medicine and national guidelines.

Upon approval by NKF's Program Committee, NKF will contact the applicant to obtain a full needs assessment, detailed agenda, program budget, confirmed faculty, etc. NKF will work with the applicant to develop the final proposal. NKF will submit the proposal to the pre-identified sponsor for financial consideration.

If a grant proposal is approved by a sponsor, NKF will provide the educational partner (applicant) with the letter of agreement (LOA) detailed timelines and procedures, and work collaboratively toward program content development and final delivery of the symposium at SCM13. The responsibilities for cooperation between NKF and the educational partner can be described as follows:

Educational Partner (the Applicant) responsibilities:

  • Develop program design and content, including the presentation slides
  • Identify, recruit and manage approved faculty
  • Design and print program handouts
  • Deliver (on site management) the symposium at SCM13

NKF responsibilities:

  • Train faculty
  • Review and approve all content, handouts, etc.
  • Arrange for the venue, A/V, ARS, food and beverage
  • CME/CE Accreditation
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Register participants
  • Conduct learning outcome assessment
  • Issue CME/CE credit certificates and record keeping

To download the Application Form, click here. PDF

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