Kidney Living Voices

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Summer 2014 Issue
Health Journal
How do you keep track of all your medical information? Have you started a Health Journal? Share tips for organizing important medical information.
Spring 2014 Issue
Relaxation and Free Time Fun!
What do you do to take a break and relax? What hobbies do you have that help you feel good and have fun?
Winter 2014 Issue
New Year's Resolutions
What are your New Year’s resolutions this year for staying healthy while living on dialysis?
Fall 2013 Issue
Peer Advice
Life on dialysis can be challenging at times. What have you learned “along the way” that might help others? What advice would you give someone starting dialysis?
Summer 2013 Issue
Keep Moving!
What do you do to stay physically healthy and active?
Spring 2013 Issue
Traveling on Dialysis
What tips do you have for traveling on dialysis? What’s been hardest about traveling and how have you solved the difficulty? What advice do you have for others to ensure a great trip?
Fall 2012 Issue
What gives you strength?
We have good and bad days on dialysis, ups and downs. What keeps your spirits up? What gives you strength or hope? What makes you feel empowered?