Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad

Mexican Antojitos
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Serves 30; Serving size ½ cup


2 cups Red Seedless Grapes, each grape sliced in half
1 1/3 cups Walnut Halves, chopped into small pea size pieces
1 1/4 cups Pomegranate Infused Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries, 1- 6 ounce package
4 stalks Celery, chopped into quarter inch pieces
7 medium sized Gala Apples skin on, 2 lbs 14 oz. before coring, approximately 2 lbs 9 oz. after coring
1- 8 fluid ounce bottle of Maple Grove Farms of Vermont Fat Free Cranberry Balsamic Dressing


  1. Rinse cluster of red grapes and separate from the stem. Use paring knife and slice each grape in half. Place sliced grapes in extra large mixing bowl.
  2. Measure walnut halves into measuring cup. Can use a nut chopper to chop nuts into pea size pieces or put walnuts in a plastic sandwich baggie, seal and use the bottom of the 1 cup measure to gently press on the walnuts to break the walnuts into pea size like pieces. Add chopped nuts to the extra large mixing bowl with the slice red grapes.
  3. Add one 6 ounce bag of dried pomegranate infused cranberries to the grape and walnut mixture.
  4. Rinse, clean and chop celery in quarter inch pieces, add to the grape, walnut, and dried cranberry mixture.
  5. Rinse the seven Gala apples, slice in half vertically and core the apples. Make 5 apple wedges and then slice the wedges into bite size, quarter in pieces. Add chopped apple pieces to the rest of the mixture.
  6. Pour the 8 fluid ounce bottle of cranberry dressing over the entire mixture. Stir the ingredients making sure that the dressing is incorporated and covers all of the ingredients. Chill and serve.


Calories 53 kcal, protein 1.04 g, carbohydrates 12.6 g, fat 3.4 g, cholesterol 0g, sodium 54 mg, potassium 71 mg, phosphorus 25.88 mg, fiber 1.69 g

This recipe was submitted by Nancy Parkinson, MS, RD, CD, LD.