Rum Pear Tarts

Appropriate for:

Serves 4


½ packages 3 oz. vanilla pudding, cook and serve
1 cup rice milk, unfortified
1 ½ teaspoons rum extract
1 Bartlett pear
1 package, mini phyllo cups (12 count)


Follow microwave directions on how to make the pudding using ½ a package. Add rum extract and chill. After chilled thoroughly, spoon 1 heaping teaspoon of pudding into each phyllo cup. Peel and slice pear, place ½ slice on each cup and serve immediately.


Calories 150
total fat 3.6 g
saturated fat 0.3 g
monounsaturated fat 1.2 g
polyunsaturated fat 0.3 g
cholesterol 0.0 mg
calcium 10.2 mg
sodium 125.8 mg
phosphorus 51.2 mg
potassium 62.7 mg
total carbohydrates 28.3 g
dietary fiber 1.5 g
sugar 13.4 g
protein 1 g

This recipe was submitted by CKD patient Chef Duane Sunwold.