Kidney Living Voices

Spring 2014 Issue
Relaxation and Free Time Fun!
What do you do to take a break and relax? What hobbies do you have that help you feel good and have fun?
I try to relax after dialysis by cooking, reading also helps me a lot. I am from India and would like to share my story. I am awaiting a cadaver, this is ,y second transplant
Posted by: Hema
I cant do much due to my condition; I have autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease. Its a really rare disorder and as I grow older the chance of me living decrease I am not doing dialysis getting some more labs done this June I am 17 and have had a hard time accepting that eventually sometime in the near future I will have to have a double transplant and I will have to have dialysis. I love to listen to music to relax and take a break, music calms me down and makes me feel like im in another world. A world where there is no pain and there is no waiting for the worst...
Posted by: Dana
I cycle on a regular basis, it helps keep me in shape and clears the mind, especially on the 100+ mile rides
Posted by: Steve Wierengo
One Step at A Time
Encouragement Words
By Jessie

I do not know why I got Kidney Failure, are why I feel tired and have difficulty breathing sometime. I have always tried to take care are of myself, eating right and exercising. However, through it all we cannot become upset, negative and bitter. We have to embrace the situation where we are and make the best of a bad situation. Our attitude should be God this is where you have me right now, I may not like it, or understand it, I may not think it fair, but I am not dwelling on any of that. I am going to keep doing my best, knowing that in the end God is going to use this for my Good. We have to always remind ourselves that just because we cannot see a way for something to be accomplished does not mean God doesn't have a way. When we experience pain or disappointment or depression we can have one or two attitudes, we can ask ourselves why did this happen to me, or we can get bitter and negative. However, we can say I do not really know why this has happen to me, but I am not going to allow my circumstance to steal my joy, my hope or my future. We need to ask God to teach us to number our days, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Ask him to teach us to recognize each day as a gift. Even when we done see any improvement in our health or dr. medical report. Even though it's taking a long time, God I know that you are at work in my life and it only a matter of time before I see a change. No matter what we face today declare your independence from sickness, fear and lack. Let God be your strength, wisdom, protection, provider, way maker, problem solver, and your victory. Your circumstance may look impossible, you may say I am never gone to get better, but you need to start declaring all through day and night that "NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME WILL PROSPECT" God is bringing me safely through. He is a restorer when he does a work of healing in our lives; he makes us better than we were before. The healing from kidney disease, to get a new kidney or any disease maybe taking longer than you hope for, but God is binded up your wound, he protecting you and healing you. As you give your concern to God he will bring you out better and stronger than you were before. We must watch the words we speak; we must speak life, healing word not negative words. We need to speak what we seek, if we want a kidney we need to ask God or speak it, if we need more strength from being tired all the time, or our breathing to be better we need to declare that God is my healer and that you will live strong and healthy all the days of
Posted by: Jessie Booth
To relax I like to read a good book and I also like to crochet.
Posted by: janice mcbee
I love to travel and visit my sister and close family members. Also, I go to school online because it gives me comfort to know that through kidney failure, being a diabetic, and recently paralyzed, I am living a very good life. There were some people who told me I couldn't do anything prosperous because of my health, but I have proved them wrong. This is for anyone who reads this, DON'T ever listen to anyone tell you that you can't do what you set out to do, I am proof that you can overcome any obstacle thrown in your path as long as you have the willpower to do it.
Posted by: Mykel Jimerson
Posted by: Verlin Green
right now its very cold in cincinnati,-7 so to take my mind off dialysis i sew. i make my own bow ties and starting to do some quilting. but as soon as the weather breaks i will be on the golf course as often as i can. by the was i have a BIG selection of bowties
Posted by: roey Moon
I've started playing golf since being diagnosed with ESRD. I play as often as possible, walking the course taking in the sights, exercising and enjoying the day with friends.
Posted by: Lou frangopoulos
I enjoy singing in the Roanoke Symphony Chorus. Music is a great way to release tension, relieve stress and express your feelings. Plus, sharing in the gift of music brings others joy as well!
Posted by: Jessica Smith
My favorite hobby is quilting. Quilters in my church make quilts for our high school graduates. Most go off to college and the quilts are a reminder of our church family.
Posted by: Mary Booth
Of the many things I do to relax, the one that gives the most pleasure is keeping Thank You note cards with me. When I get good treatment (especially in the medical environments and in particular with Patient Care Technicians in dialysis centers) or believe that someone has gone above and beyond, I try to give them a special Thank You for doing such a good job on the spot; or, if that is not possible, mail them a note later. Reaction is mixed. Most people appreciate. I don't know about the others since there is no response. Regardless, it makes me feel just a little better to know that someone has been recognized in a positive manner.
Posted by: D W Brooks
I make sure I make time to do fun things with my family and friends. Going out for for dinner or getting together to play cards, all help me to relax and laugh!
Posted by: Martha Shuberg
I am speaking for my sister Gwendolyn Marshall. She likes to watch Let's Make a Deal, The Price is Right, and listen to her Jazz and Blues on Direct TV. She keeps in touch with relatives by Skype, and Ovoo. She likes to pretend dancing sometimes. Also likes to surf the remote control. I feel as though she is doing very well for her condition.
Posted by: June Mack
There are so many hobbies and interests that I have that I don't know where to start! Well, for starters, I swim about 4 days a week and I've just started taking zumba/dance. I thoroughly enjoy writing to people around the world (penpalling) and just bloggina and writing poems. I adore cooking and consider reading recipes as leisurely writing. Most of all, I love spending time with my friends and family. Enjoy life and never be afraid to try something new that you may end up loving!
Posted by: Mary Wu
I love to get out and enjoy God's creation and His Presence in the birds' songs, and the beautiful clouds and colors, the breeze that refreshes me. I love playing brain games to try and keep myself shart.
Posted by: Harriet
Taking a break and relaxing for me mean going to the movies (mysteries and crime stories my favorites). my hobbies are reading romance novels and playing "free cell" for hours at a time. When I am not taking my treatments, I go to "high end" food stores like Fairway and Citarella to shop.
Posted by: Jacqueline McNeill
I enjoy going to concerts, movies, art museums, reading and spending time with my friends. I hope to do more traveling in the future.
Posted by: MIchaela Armstrong
cooking, spending time with grandchildren,greatgrandchildren, also have a great,great, grandson, and I love being with him ..
Posted by: patsy brew
Photography. Playing unusual table games with my family.
Watching the birds at the feeder on our rear picture window.
Posted by: David M.
I love to quilt and also enjoy reading, knitting and crocheting. We try to get some exercise as often as time allows.
Posted by: Diana Gleeson
I relax by doing latch hook rugs, wood burning, and building model cars, and I am trying to learn to do wood carving.
Posted by: Donald Stivers
I have a comfy chair by my back window and have a bunch of bird feeders in the back yard and I sit with my bird books and see just how many different birds there are and check for new one or just sit and drink a glass of tea and watch the birds and sometimes I get a surprise and have deer show up or a raccoon very relaxing and very enjoyable .
Posted by: Cecilia johnson
Oil painting & picture puzzles!
Posted by: Ray Davison
"The body achieves what the mind believes, with good healthy food and exercise" I run, I walk, I eat well, I read, I do pilates, yoga, the guym, meditation and nap, when I can. I also look for work as a teacher. If I were working, I do know this, I would somehow fit it in. This is my FUN. All for my health!Penny Gudel
Posted by: Penny Gudel
My wife and I have a side-by-side we ride close to our home, we do some woodworking. we also like to walk through antique malls.
Posted by: Jimmie Green
I love watercolor painting. Teach art one day each week on the morning of dialysis.
Also join in another type of art class on another day.
Love going to the movies, we have charge of " movie night" in the park that we spend winters at. I am 87 yrs. old
Posted by: Rudi Swol
I walk alone or with my Boston Terrier. Just started taking a 'gentle yoga' class once a week. About 3 times a year I have a wonderful massage
Posted by: Sara
I do genealogical research on my family as well as the families of those marrying into my family.
Posted by: Robert Graham
Posted by: Pat
I relax by going on vacation going bowling swimming or to a movie.I take a break pray take a walk or listen to music.For fun I spend time with my family or help someone who need it.I love to watch a comedy.A merry heart is like a medicine.
Posted by: Lisa Baxter
I keep myself busy with volunteer organization activities, making quilts, taking a class once a week. I plan trips away from home and enjoy the time spent. I will not allow dialysis to change my life!
Posted by: Peggy Salitros
I was fortunate enough to grow up with a mother who knew her way around the kitchen. We hardly ever are out or bought pre made meals and desserts, she taught me everything she knew. Regardless of what emotion I'm feeling, whether it's a celebration or stress, my go to when I need a break and to get away is to be in the kitchen. Cooking, especially baking, help me to escape to where I'm in control of the outcome. I get to create something wonderful and delicious out of nothing an to me that is special and relaxes me in a way nothing else can. Most people think cooking is a chore, but for me it's fun and allows my brain to stop focusing on everything else for a while and just concentrate on doing something I love. There is no better escape than that.
Posted by: Alexandra Harrison
go fishing.
Posted by: Michael Wayne Rogers
I play Club Pogo, read, and spend time with my grandkids. I also work at the dialysis center where I receive my treatments, having just passed my RN boards in July of 2013. That gives me peace of mind to know I am still contributing while managing my kidney disease.
Posted by: Kathryn Capp