Kidney Living Voices

Summer 2013 Issue
Keep Moving!
What do you do to stay physically healthy and active?
Posted by: PatrickMcgee sr
To stay physically active and healthy, I exercise at home and at the local YMCA each day. Several times a day I walk our dog and take care of our outdoor garden. I also have an exercise bicycle that I use. Each day I swim and do water aerobics at our local Y. Finally, I try to monitor my eating habits to concentrate on good choices for me which is often difficult because of increased appetite following my kidney transplant.
Posted by: Wayne Brooks
I love working out. I walk 3 miles, 3 times a week. I also do aerobics 3 times a week. Eating healthy, taking meds as directed by dr.
Posted by: Flora Braxton
I stay in healthy because I start more more eating vegetables and exercise ..
Posted by: Chaterine Castillo
Well I do Brazilian jiu jitsu ,muay Thai and judo. To me mma saved my life I believe I was worthless after my kidneys failed but I'm confident now.
Posted by: Dylan
Posted by: Regina
I am as active as I can possibly be. I take care of my family of 4 including myself and my 8 month old grandchild. I dialyze 3 times a week and on my off days I take care of my home and volunteer for my local library promoting literacy in my community. I am actively looking for employment since I lost my part time job when I started dialysis. After becoming used to treatment I attempted to go back to work to be told that they did not have any work for me anymore. I have gone on several interviews but have not yet been hired.
I try to stay positive and upbeat about my condition and I am a PAC representative for my shift at dialysis. I like interacting with other patients and if I can help them over their fears about dialysis and the lifestyle changes I am very happy.
Posted by: Joanne Serenson
For staying healthy, I do yoga for half an hour in morning and in evening time there is a 1-2km walk.
Posted by: girish kumar dubey
I do regular household chores like vacuuming, dusting, mopping. I have stairs in my home so sometimes I will climb up and down or run up and down them. I go on walks with my family and our dog. Yard work gets me moving too. I also participate in our cities 5k Kidney Walks year round. I get myself and friends involved in it as a group every year. Great excersize and its to help for a great cause that is very personal and dear to me. The Kidney Walks keep me motivated every year!
Posted by: Priscilla Schrader
I walk everyday, do daily housework, pray, stay positive, write in my journal, great support from family&friends, active in church, Faith and strong will that GOD will heal me!! I also encourage other dialysis patients to keep fighting for you are not sick,you just have a malfunction!
Posted by: Cheryl Davis
In the warmer weather I walk and work in my garden . Working in the yard I get a chance to relax and think. When I am out walking I look at other yards and get ideas on plants and landscaping. I always have my little camera so I can take a photo of a plant I might like or want to learn about.
Posted by: Natasha cole
As a kidney dialysis patient I have done 6 years and almost 8 months of treatment, I can say that I am still in good health in spite of the kidney problem and still physically active.
Some of the compelling reasons are due to a lot of different factors but can be summarized as positive attitude, daily prayers, daily yoga exercises, healing therapy, intent to heal, singing therapy, creative writing activity, daily inspiration drawn from family and grandchildren, making toy paper airplanes & helicopters, eating & sleeping good, treating everyone with respect and interacting with them in a positive way, being happy all the time, surrounding self with caring people, daily walking exercises and many other activity to improve my quality of life, thereby working out the body, mind and spirit.
Posted by: Pedro SJ. Advento,Jr.
I am a single parent so I have to stay both healthy and active. I walk just about every day. I also work part time so I don't have time to sit at home. But the best thing I have done to stay healthy is I do my own treatments at home with the Nxstage machine. I have felt so much better and definitely more empowered since starting home hemodialysis almost three years ago.
Posted by: Natasha Brown
I try to stay healthy and active by taking all my prescribed medications and keeping busy such as cooking and cleaning.
I also work at a Hotel as a front office supervisor so that also helps me. I try not to let my disability get the best of me. My husband, my son, and my family help me thru rough times when I am not myself.
Posted by: Jannie Feliciano
Keeping physically health is a priority for me. It gives me much needed energy! Here is what I do each week: I swim 25 laps Mon/Wed/Fri. I attend a yoga class. The other days I walk for 30 minutes. I also belong to a HIking Club and ofter go on the week ends. I am 66 years old and I know I have to KEEP MOVING. I go to dialysis from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Mon/Wed/Fri and then go to bed. I sleep 8 to 9 hours each night. I feel really good!
Posted by: Jacqueline Thomas
I try to walk everyday at least a mile. Every other morning I do pushups.
Posted by: Carlos Ellis
To stay physically healthy: I go to my dialysis treatments, take my medicines, and do what I am told by my doctors. Active: not so much. Dialysis takes a lot out of you. Once you get back on your feet from treatment, it's time to go back. I have been waiting for a kidney going on five years now. I just live "ONE DAY AT A TIME"
Posted by: krista thomas
To stay active I run 20 miles a day on an elliptical trainer. I have done this most of my life.
Posted by: Bill Hahn
Swimming is my way to stay active. I attend aerobic swimming classes, and swim laps. It helps me mentally, physically, and socially.
Posted by: Vicky Quillian
The most important thing I do to stay healthy and active is, dialysis 6 days a week. After that, I fish, hunt, hike, and watch my diet very closely. Dialysis isn't a prison sentence, it's a different lifestyle that allows me to do everything I love to do and keep on doing it.
Posted by: Chris
I stay in shape by lifting weights and doing running and playing sports like softball and flag football. Being on dialysis has not stopped me from continuing what I love to do. To keep up with my fitness makes me feel really good and happy.
Posted by: darrin garcia
We go dancing twice a week. I walk the dog occasionally although my wife does it most of the time.

Well, she's younger - 85. I'm pushing 87.
Posted by: Charles Melmed
Posted by: jean
My first step was joining a gym, after it got cold I wasn't going to walk in the cold...unless it's in a mall. Now I'm working on my eating habits, that's the challenge. But a work in progress.
Posted by: Denise Jackson
I remain active by working full time in a job a absoultey love. My husband and belong to a health club where we exercise about 3-4 times per week. I walk the treadmill at 2.8 mph for 45 min and also go on the elyptical for about 10 min. We keep ourselves active by living in an exciting collge town (Ann Arbor) and taking advantage of all the city has to offer. Dialysis allows us to live-- so let's embrace what we CAN do not what we CANNOT. Happy Trails!
Posted by: Celeste