KDOQI (Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative)


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KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines for Bone Metabolism and Disease in Children With Chronic Kidney Disease

Acronyms and Abbreviations

1st PTH-IMA First-generation parathyroid hormone immunometric assay
2° HPT Secondary hyperparathyroidism
AIs Adequate intakes
AVN Avascular necrosis
BCG Bromocresol green method
BFR Bone formation rate
BMC Bone mineral content
BMD Bone mineral density
CaR Calcium-sensing receptors
CAPD Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
CaXP Calcium-phosphorus product
CCR Creatinine clearance rate
CKD Chronic kidney disease
CRF Chronic renal failure
DBP Vitamin D-binding protein
DEXA Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry
DFO Desferrioxamine
DOQI Dialysis Outcomes Quality Initiative
DRI Dietary Reference Intake
EBCT Electron beam computed tomography
EEG Electroencephalogram
ESRD End-stage renal disease
GFR Glomerular filtration rate
GH, rhGH Growth hormone, recombinant human growth hormone
ICMA Immunochemiluminometric assay
IGF Insulin-like growth factor
IRMA Immunoradiometric assay
KDOQI Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative
MCV Mean cell volume
MDRD Modification of Diet in Renal Disease
MRI Magnetic resonance imaging
NKF National Kidney Foundation
PBM Peak bone mass
PTH Parathyroid hormone
QCT Quantitative computed tomography
RDA Recommended dietary allowance
RDI Recommended daily intake
ROC Receiver operating characteristics


Symptomatic proximal femoral slipped epiphyses
SD Standard deviation
VDR Vitamin D receptor
VDRE Vitamin D receptor element, vitamin D-responsive element