KDOQI (Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative)


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KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines for Bone Metabolism and Disease in Children With Chronic Kidney Disease


Algorithms 1.

Vitamin D Supplementation in CKD (Stages 2-4)
Algorithms 2. 

Management of CKD Patients (Stages 2-4) with Active Vitamin D Sterols

Algorithms 3. Managing Vitamin D Sterols Based on Serum Calcium Levels
Algorithms 4.

Managing Vitamin D Sterols Based on Serum Phosphorus Levels

Algorithms 5. Managing Vitamin D Sterols Based on Intact PTH Levels in Children Not Receiving Growth Hormones
Algorithms 6.

Evaluation of Aluminum Neurotoxicity

Algorithms 7.

Evaluation of Aluminum-Related Disorders: Considerations for DFO Test and Subsequent DFO Treatment

Algorithms 8. DFO Treatment After PA1 Rise between 50-300 μg/L
Algorithms 9. Subsequent DFO Treatment after PA1 Rise ≥300 μg/L