RenaLink Author Guidelines

Educational Stipend Award Recipient

Recipients of the National Kidney Foundation Council on Renal Nutrition (NKF-CRN) Educational Stipend award are expected to write a summary of a session they attended and submit an article that may be selected to appear in RenaLink or on the CRN website .

Stipend awardees may select any session attended but we ask that you consider choosing a session that was of special interest and you found especially pertinent to current clinical practice or addressed other significant issues such as scope of practice or evidence based review. The content of the article should serve to inform other dietitians who were unable to attend the Clinical Meetings.

The article should be prepared and submitted as follows:

  1. State the title of the session, the presenter and your name as author followed by your contact information at the heading of the article as follows:

    Presentation Title: Malnutrition, Inflammation and Serum Albumin
    Presenter: Sally Smith, MS, RD, CSR
    Author: Jane Jones, RD, CSR
    (123) 456-7890

    It is not necessary to state the day and time of the session or the presenter’s contact information.
  2. Use double spacing with 12 pt. type, preferably New Times Roman, throughout the article.
  3. Indent at the beginning of each new paragraph.
  4. The length of the article should not exceed 350 words.
  5. The completed article should be submitted electronically to the RenaLink CRN Editor by May 20, 2014.