Casual for Kidneys Day

Casual For KidneysWe're inviting you and your workplace to take part in our Casual for Kidneys day to benefit the National Kidney Foundation.

It's easy! Your company simply picks a date that all employees come to work in their favorite relaxed attire. On that day, everyone can enjoy a casual day at work while contributing to an incredible cause.

By making a donation, each participant will receive a commemorative button, which will explain the absence of the usual dress, suit or uniform to your customers or clients. This button also helps to raise awareness about kidney health while reinforcing good will and strong group morale. Sounds like an all around win-win situation!

Whether your company decides to make it t-shirt and jeans, sports-themed, or just a bit less formal than usual, this serves as the perfect opportunity to build a more comfortable environment as well as making a crucial statement recognizing the magnitude of supporting the fight against chronic kidney diseases.

Its been proven that the occasional "dress casual" day helps boost employee morale and promotes goodwill while allowing employees to come to work or school in a more relaxed attire. In fact, a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise found that physical productivity levels increase when casual clothing was worn vs. constant conventional business attire.

As kidney disease affects one in nine American adults, the mission of the National Kidney Foundation is an important one. I'm proud to tell you that your company's participation in Casual for Kidneys is a good investment of your time and charitable efforts as seventy-eight cents of every dollar contributed to the NFK is spent on direct patient support and patient family services.


  • It's easy! Recruit a "captain" from your company or school to sign up participants. Don't forget to fill out the registration form.
  • We'll provide you with all the promotional materials you'll need to make your "Casual for Kidneys" day a success. We have buttons, posters, a sample press release, email templates, and more!
  • Decide on the amount for the donation to the NKFDV for the "Casual for Kidneys" button. You are the best judge on what participants would be willing to contribute. To maximize participation, we recommend a donation of $5 per employee


  • Choose any day you like! Most participants pick a Friday or a day before a holiday weekend.
  • We recommend a day during March so that you can participate in National Kidney Month.
  • And remember, March 11 is World Kidney Day!


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