"I just received a new kidney!"

Eli is 3 1/2 years old and was born with kidney failure. He was on dialysis for a year and half and has already undergone a dozen surgeries. Many of you may remember him from the NFKI's Celebrating Life Under the Stars Gala in September. His mom spoke of his struggles and spunk.

Eli was blessed to receive a kidney from his uncle one week after the gala and is doing great! Many patients wait a long time to receive a kidney and many are unable to find a match from a relative, friend or stranger.

His parents goal for Eli has always been to show him how great life can be. "We are thankful that he will be able to improve his quality of life because of the positive effects of his kidney transplant." -Eli's Mom and Dad



"I just received a new kidney!"

Ty is 38 years old and received his first kidney transplant in 2003. Unfortunately his kidney function diminished again and this put him on dialysis for the last five years. As a husband, father and football/baseball coach to his three active children, and managing a successful business, it was difficult to take time out of his busy day to receive dialysis three times a week.

Ty also attended the Celebrating Life Under the Stars Gala in September. Days after the gala, he received the long awaited call that he would receive another kidney transplant!

As a volunteer for the NKFI, Ty shares his story to create awareness about high blood pressure and its effects on your kidneys. He is already planning ways to inspire patients to continue to pursue their dreams and not let the disease consume them. "Life is worth living, no matter what difficulties you face." - Ty Jones

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