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Advanced Practitioner Program

This program will provide attendees with the latest information, updates on relevant practice guidelines, and provide the AP with tools to directly impact management of the nephrology patient along the continuum of renal disease. So, whether this is your first SCM or your 10th, the Advanced Practitioner Program will provide you with the most up-to-date information that can be readily integrated into your practice and improve your knowledge base and confidence in any practice setting.


For the New Advanced Practitioner:

  • CKD Basics is a 4-hour course, which will provide the AP who is new to nephrology with the fundamental tools needed to practice in the CKD clinic. It will focus on CKD staging, hypertension management, diabetes management in the CKD patient, and preserving residual renal function in the advancing CKD patient.
  • Basics of Dialysis consists of 2 four- hour courses (one on hemodialysis and one on peritoneal dialysis). They will provide the new-to-nephrology AP with an understanding of the dialysis equipment, machine set up, troubleshooting dialysis problems, water treatment basics and an introduction to the unique world of the dialysis setting. This is a co-sponsored course with the Nurse and Technician Program.

For the experienced Advanced Practitioner:

  • Critical Care and Nephrology: This session will offer insight into patients who are critically ill and the impact this has on renal disease. Topics in this course include acute respiratory distress, cardiovascular complications and multi-organ failure. The afternoon session will cover topics such as hemodynamics, extracorporeal therapies, sepsis and drug therapy in the intensive care setting.


Update on Bone and Mineral: An updated review on the new phosphorus binders, discussing the treatment and impact of hypo vs hypercalcemia and appropriate treatment for hyperparathyroidism.

Rheumatology Update: This session will review rheumatology labs, assessment and interpretation with a vasculitis update from the rheumatology perspective.

Transplant Update: This session will cover the management of transplant immunosuppression and complications along with the new kidney allocation process, highlighting when nephrectomies are multi-organ transplants are needed.

Weight Management: This session will discuss bariatric surgery options and outcomes for CKD/ESRD patients for both diabetes and weight reduction short and long term outcomes and a review of nutritional interventions to preserve renal function.

Common Infections: This session will provide an update on bacteremias, catheter-related infections and treatment regimens, other access infections and hepatitis update with a review of preventing hospital readmissions.

Is It Nephrotic vs Nephritic: This session will review the interpretation of the urinalysis and point of care testing with an in-depth review of nephrotic versus nephritic presentations, courses, treatment and outcomes.

Glomerulonephropathies: This will provide a review/overview of GN with GN pathology, new treatment updates, research and pharmacology and outcomes.


Please join us for sessions in the latest in the field of nephrology including: depression and pain management; pregnancy; hypertension; acid-base disorders; the nervous gut; hematology/ocncology; nephrolithiasis and gout with uric acid nephropathy; pharmacological updates for CKD/ESRD with drug controversies; cardiorenal and hepatorenal updates; and The Top Ten Ways to Kill Kidney; and much more!