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Renal & Clinical Dietitian Program

Please join us for sessions in the latest in the field of nephrology including: depression and pain management; pregnancy; hypertension; acid-base disorders; the nervous gut; hematology/ocncology; nephrolithiasis and gout with uric acid nephropathy; pharmacological updates for CKD/ESRD with drug controversies; cardiorenal and hepatorenal updates; and The Top Ten Ways to Kill Kidney; and much more!


Strategies I: Foundations of Nutritional Practice for Kidney Disease. This course is designed for new dietitians who wish to strengthen their overall knowledge of the complex nutritional requirements of people with Chronic Kidney Disease and CKD 5 in particular. This all-day workshop will include nutritional guidelines requirements for hemodialysis, overview of bone mineral disease, treatment of malnutrition in CKD, MNT for peritoneal dialysis, introduction to CKD programs, kinetic modeling, anemia management, vitamin requirements in CKD 5 and nutritional assessment. The workshop concludes with examples of case studies where the audience has the opportunity to apply practical solutions to common metabolic problems faced by patients and practitioners that treat patients with kidney disease.

Strategies II: Advanced Practice in Renal Nutrition: Update 2015: Are you an advanced practice professional who wants to go beyond the basics? This all-day course offers a much more in-depth look at renal nutrition research and practice. This year, you will learn state-of-the-art therapies for treating complex comorbid conditions such as diabetes, calciphylaxis, cardiac diseases and fluid and electrolyte imbalances. Additional discussions will focus on advanced management skills for working in difficult health care environments.


Food Trends – Gluten Free, Sodium, Po4 and K Food Labeling, GMOs, Upcoming Trends, Fad Diets: Do you want to know more about the basics of what is new in nutrition? Need to know how to combat patients' questions about what Dr. Oz is talking about? This session will talk about the current and upcoming food trends and fad diets, and how they relate to our jobs.

Dental Health and How it Affects Nutritional Status in Dialysis Patients: Problems controlling blood sugars? Inability to chew? Unclear source of infection? Trying to get cleared for transplant? Teeth and dental health can play a huge role in overall health. Come learn about how you can help your patients at this comprehensive class.

Nutrition Poster Tour: Do you love the poster sessions, but you're not sure what to look for in research and outcomes; Tour the posters in this research session with a colleague who has a background in both renal and research to better understand what is new, what is accurate and what needs further study.

Mind Body Connection
Missed Dr. Gurjeet Birdee at last year's NKF? It was such a great topic and so highly received that we are revisiting it as a hands on workshop. Learn to talk to your patients about how your emotions can impact your health and how to encourage patients to move and focus.

Chef Duane Cooking from the Food Bank, Low Budget Meals.
Come hear Chef Duane and his ever-uplifting message of the importance of not just telling your patients what to eat, but helping them with the intricacies of actually cooking it. Chef Duane will show us how to use items commonly found at food banks or budget friendly food options to make a healthy renal meal.

Other Hot Topics Include: The use of niacin as adjunct therapy to phosphorus binders; polypharmacy in the renal world; what's new in diabetes; health literacy and plain talk; brittle diabetes; calciphalaxis; the new SOP/SOPPs; bariatric surgery and renal goals; herbal supplements; new studies on resting energy expenditure; and much more!