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Nephrology Nurse & Technician Program

This program will provide the latest information on important topics such as transplantation, home therapies, pediatrics and much more! There are pre-conference courses on Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Treatment Therapies, including management and interventions of complications. Take this opportunity to network with your colleagues as well as other members of the healthcare team. So pack your spurs and head to the NKF 2015 Spring Clinical Meetings!


Social Media and Electronic Communication: Social media and electronic communication create interesting and new opportunities in healthcare, but also raise privacy and security concerns. Come learn how to work with patients and peers in navigating these complex new platforms.

Core Survey: Are You Ready? Attendees will discover key points of a Medicare inspection in the hemodialysis setting, as well as discuss frequently cited CMS V-tags, and ways to audit and initiate preventive measures.

A Patients Perspective: Hear a patient's journey from glomerular nephritis to hemodialysis, (both in-center and home), to living related donor transplant, all while maintaining an active lifestyle as a teacher and soccer coach. Learn how to actively engage other patients in self-care.

Pest Control: Are Pests Invited into Your Facility? In this session, the attendee will learn about common infestations in the dialysis unit such as bedbugs, lice, and drain flies, and identify ways to safely prevent and treat them.

Hemodialysis and Ventricular Device (VAD) and Care in the Dialysis Unit: Learn about the development of the VAD and its functions, followed by a discussion on the differences in monitoring the patient undergoing VAD therapy during hemodialysis, including possible complications. Attendees will also learn about expanded uses of VAD in acute, chronic, and transplant patients.

Weight Loss Surgery in Renal Patients: Are Your Patients Dealing with Weight Issues? Weight loss surgeries are becoming more and more popular in our patient population. This session will discuss what implications these surgeries have on the care of renal patients.

Dialysis Past, Present, and Future: Attendees are invited to look back on the history of dialysis and see how far we have come, then journey into the future to discuss new trends in care coordination and accountable care organizations.

Care of the Elderly: As our population continues to age with excellent healthcare, should we change our practice when caring for the elderly? Identify important tips when providing care in the outpatient hemodialysis center to our elderly.

Other Important topics: New trends in pediatrics, catheter reduction, fluid, sodium, and electrolyte management, basics of transplantation, creating a culture of safety, end-of life care and issues, water treatment, and more!