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Response: None
--Name: Roberto Torres

Response: hi my name is debbie and my daughter was an organ donor she was only 26 yrs old when she suddenly passed from a ruptured brain anrsym she left behind 5 baby girls she passed away on my other daughters birthday july 12th 2010 my beautiful daughter saved 4 lives in her death how can i post her photo in your news letter fondly remeber
--Name: Debbie

Response: MY mother died at the age of 54 and my brother and sister,would have gladly gave her one of our kidneys,but we didn't have informatiom like we have now.iwould suggest anyone out there to serousley think about being an organ donor.So be sure to eat right,to help.
--Name: Audrey K. Humphrey

Response: I find that writing a letter to my late husband is helping me deal with my loss but also its helps me cope with things I am doing for myself.
--Name: Sherry F. Pettola

Response: hi i am new at this my daughter of 26 yrs old just passed away on july 12, 2010 she was an organ donor i was sent a book on for those who give and grieve and i read it and also i recieved a letter from the gift of life on where my daughters organs went and i am happy to know she had saved 4 lives on the night of her death she passed away suddenly form a ruptured brain anorism
--Name: DEBBIE

Response: I have a quilt patch. MY son gave every organ, bone,vein, blood, tissue, ect. 1.Where is your websit to give me a "guide" as to help make my quilt "patch? 2.If I do it wrong, can I make another one.?
--Name: Emily Hoffman

Response: On every occasion connected with my son, & every Holiday, I light a candle by his picture. I leave it going most of the day. It reminds me of his 'bright light', & brings a measure of comfort.
--Name: Elaine Carnes

Response: My son needed a kidney tw0 years ago, my daughter was a match and did not hesitate to giveto her brother. I found this web site and wanted her to see it she is often inquiring about her concern to be involved with a foundation she live in Atlanta Ga.
--Name: Yvonne Goolsby

Response: WE lost our Sabrina 9 yrs. ago, 5/22/00 in a car accident. She was 23 yrs. old, and we donated her organs. To remember her, we planted a beautiful purple plant outside her bedroom window,and illuminate the plant and her window with a small spotlight. The plant blooms at the odest times,(purple) her color, and we smile because we are sure Sabrina is smiling also!
--Name: Denise D'Eletto

Response: We have a memorial space on our mantle with pictures of our daughter,Emily,and poems,writings,small special things we have bought that remind us of her.We add things and re arrange things and burn a small candle there on special occasions.We keep a small vase with a fresh flower bloom by her picture there at all times.She passed away 6 years ago.
--Name: Chris Jenkins

Response: If you have never experienced the Transplant Games, you are missing out! The workshops, Donor Recognition Ceremony and the opportunity to see watch athletes who have received the Gift of Life compete in sports is amazing! Begin planning now to attend the 2010 Games in Madison, WI!
--Name: Cheryl Manley

Response: My Family honors our Daughter Cassandra at Christmas with a angel tree. Every year we buy a new Angel ortimeant to put on the tree.Our tree is filled with beautiful angels.Our family and friends enjoy the tree too.
--Name: Stacy Dain

Response: A friend weaved a basket and carved our son's name and dates on the bottom of the wooden base. She glued on small charms or replicas of our son's favorite activities. She filled the basket with a planter containing seven small houseplants. One plant for each of his donor recipients!The basket was one of the most thoughtful things we got because of the time, thought and care that went into it.
--Name: Carol Parsons

Response: My wife Jan, came up with the idea of an Angel Garden with ornaments of Angels like our daughter Shannon in the summer of 1998, a few months after Nan went to heaven on May 1, 1998. Jan belongs to a group called Angel Mom's online, & they along with our Lifenet Donor friends fill our "Angel Garden." Thanks, Jules Broom
--Name: Jules Broom

Response: My son Ryan died due to brain injury in a car crash,1/24/97 in Bath, NY. He was 6 & our only child.A friend built Ryan a 3' high cross with a steel stake to put in the ground, I decoupaged on pictures of Ryan through the years, with us & his cousins, & then painted on butterflies, sunflowers,& rainbows, his name & turned out beautiful & is a personal & lasting tribute to my angel son.
--Name: Peg French

Response: Andy's 20th high school reunion was 10 months ago. His Class of 1988 met and put together a framed photo of him surrounded by many of the class members signatures. The caption by his photo read: We Remember Andy-Evergreen High School Class of 1988. This sits in a special spot in our home's entry way.
--Name: John and Margaret Moyer

Response: I have recently begun a blogspot at for parents who have lost a child. A solid option to connect with each other (parents of children who have died) and this seems to be a good option for all of us who have busy lives. is it possible for you to share this with others?
--Name: Daphne Mayer Keys

Response: Dear National Donor Family Council: First I want to thank you for your newsletter and all the wonderful articles about the grieving process. I have passed those articles on to friends when they experienced a loss. I no longer need your newsletter and wish to remove my name from the mailing list. Send my newsletter to someone whose grief is newer than mine. Joan D. Sutton
--Name: Joan D. Sutton

Response: I would like people to know that god does things for a reason and sometimes he helps those to get better by taken them to a better place. My husband alwaysed would help people no matter how they treated him.
--Name: Lisa Eddy

Response: Hi Mushroom, Yes, please send the letter and we can decide if it's something we'd be able to publish in the newsletter. Space is limited, so we aren't able to publish everything, but we would love to see the letter and see if we can include it. You can send it to me at Thanks! Jennifer Martin National Kidney Foundation
--Name: Jennifer Martin

Response: I am a donor parent. We donated our son's organs in 1992. A coworker's daughter died recently and I sent the a letter to all of our coworkers. The response was surprizingly supportive. If you would like to read a copy and print it for those who read FTWGG, please let me know. Mushroom Montoya
--Name: Mushroom Montoya

Response: My son was an organ donor in 1992. At the time, we received generic information about the people who received his organs. Several years ago I sought more information and was disheartened to learn that many of them were deceased. I'd like to hear how others who donated when donors and recipients were kept apart have learned about their donation and how we might learn more.
--Name: Jane Swing

Response: I would like to see an article on how to contact the receipants of our loved one's organs. I would like to hear from the receipant and see how they are doing, however none of them have ever made an effort to contact us.I would like to know how to iniate the contact. If anyone has been in contact with their receipants then they could give some suggestions on how that process began.

Response: After the first year they seemed to be less concerned with my feeling mainly because they were scared to ask me how I was feeling. It seemed that I was able to bridge this area of uncomfortableness by bringing up memories of my husband Louis.I would just talk about Louis when I was around friends and family. I knew that this was uncomfortable to everyone that was in our life before his death.
--Name: Felacita King

Response: I think that home altars would be a good topic for an upcoming article since home altars and photos of the deceased with them help in the grieving process particularly in the case of sudden deaths.
--Name: Chaplain Jennie Malewski

Response: I believe people should share stories about their loved ones,especially humorous ones. Because it is ok to laugh, and not feel guilty. I have a millon of them about my son.
--Name: Linda K. Capler

Response: articles on helping relatives deal...that we can share with those who struggle to understand our grief process (long term - over the years and short term - the first year). references to sources for siblings as they work through the grieving - there is more out there now than when we went through our loss 15 years ago..helpful for grieving parents to have a source for their living children.
--Name: Daphne Mayer

Response: The pictures with a person's life story is a good thing. More information on eye donation needs to be given. And I usually burn a blue candle on the date my sister passed and her b-day to help cope with her being gone.
--Name: Cindy Albus

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