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The NDFC QuiltSince 1995, thousands of families have created Quilt squares for Patches of Love, the National Donor Family Quilt. The Quilt is an ever-growing memorial created by donor families in honor of their loved ones.

Donor families are:

  • Families whose loved ones died and donated their organs, tissues or both for transplantation or research efforts
  • Families that would have liked to donate, but could not due to medical or other reasons
  • Families that did not donate, but might have, had they been given the opportunity.

Quilt patches are adorned with special details such as photographs, poems and symbols of the loved one's life. Patches have been made out of sentimental materials such as baby blankets, high school jackets, ties and favorite sweaters.

The Quilt travels to events throughout the world to pay special tribute to our loved ones, while raising awareness about donation.

Patches of Love bookletPatches of Love, the National Donor Family Quilt is a special project of the National Donor Family Council (NDFC) of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).

Please be aware that the National Donor Family Quilt is designed to commemorate deceased donors. Click here for ideas on honor living donors.

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