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From the Spring 2009 issue of For Those Who Give and Grieve.

A bowl of popcorn, a cozy chair, and you’re all set for a movie night at home. Except for one thing... finding a "safe" movie. We're making a list of DFF-rated movies (Donor Family Friendly). Gentle, charming, and funny movies that can provide heavy hearts with a welcome escape. If you have a favorite movie to add, please let us know!

Mary Popppin's
The Miracle WOrker
Steel Magnolias

Posted by: Julie Huntington

My favorites are Sleepless in Seattle and Secondhand Lions. Both are very heartwarming.

Posted by: Debbie Stace

My favorites are Sleepless in Seattle and Secondhand Lions. Both are vcery heartwarming.

Posted by: Debbie Stace

AUGUST RUSH has to be one of the best movies I've seen in years. You can't help but feel good after watching

Posted by: Tammy Sisemore

My Favorite Wife (Cary Grant)
The Bishops Wife (Cary Grant)
Father Goose (Cary Grant)
Flipper (Elijah Woods)
High School Musical

Posted by: Vicki Maloney (mom of angel Alyssa Narloch)

The movie "Facing the Giants" is an awesome family movie. Its of movie of faith and believeing God always has a plan one of my favorite saying in movie is the wife who says "No matter what happens God i will still serve you". She keeps faith but also knows no matter what the plan she will not give up. After losing my daugther in May 2007 in car accident I didn't understand God's plan in all my tragidy but I remember that response in that mvie and every time I get down and discouraged about the loss of Savannah I just lok up to God and say "No matter what happens God I will still serve you". I miss her but Savannah was an organ donor and after recieving a letter from the family of the little girl who recieved one of Savannah's kidneys it made me see what part of God's plan was.
SAndy SIdes

Posted by: Sandy Sides

The movie "Bruce Almighty" is what I call a feel good movie. It is funny and when the movie is over you just feel good.

Posted by: Anna Parham

Michael with John Travolta

Posted by: Patricia Blackwell

no list would be complete without:
the sound of music
you've got mail

Posted by: ellen drewes

Paint Your Wagon
Victor, Victoria
Mary Poppins
Musical Comedy in general.

Posted by: Steve Gardner

The Other Sister...warms my heart and makes me smile

Posted by: Michele Tillapaugh

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep; Ratatouille; Alvin and the Chipmunks; Cars; Ice Age; Nanny McPhee; The Kid; The Pacifier; The Emperor's New Groove; Last Holiday; Batteries Not Included; Rudy; The Princess Bride; Holes; Glory Road; Hook; Herbie: Fully Loaded

Posted by: Hannah Sterling

I find solace in "safe" movies and books. Never much a fan of violent movies, I now avoid them completely. The less trauma in my life the better; I can control what I watch in movies, if not what I experience in life! I will always love "The Spitfire Grill," it is moving and beautiful. Same with "Fried Green Tomatoes." Plus, movies that make me laugh. It's OK and GOOD to laugh!

Posted by: Gabrielle Pierce

Kentucky (1938)
Maryland (1940)
Andy Hardy series approx 12 films between 1937 and 1958)
Spencer's Mountain (1963) It is the movie upon which the tv series The Waltons is based

Posted by: claude sampson

McClintock and White Christmas

Posted by: Cheryl Manley

McClintock and White Christmas

Posted by: Cheryl Manley