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From the Summer 2009 issue of For Those Who Give and Grieve.

Do you have a special "memorial space" at home where you honor the memory of your loved one? Big or small, indoors or outdoors, other donor families would like to hear what you do... it could help spark ideas of our own!

every year since her death in 2000, we give a $250 bond in our daughter's name, courtney b. simpson and we always stress how important it is to check that box on your driver's license.

Posted by: pam simpson

Every morning when I get up, I walked out onto our deck where I say good morning to our daughter Kelley. I have a conversation with her and always tell her how much I love and miss her. Many mornings I am greeted by a beautiful hummingbird who perches on the feeder and sits with me.The deck overlooks my flower garden and I feel very close to her in my garden.

Posted by: Phyllis Monroe

We have a curio cabinet that we some of our sons personal things and display them and some pictures of him in. We also have had the city plant a tree in his honor along a walking path.

Posted by: byron mc donald

We lost our TJ, 17 months old, 11 years ago. We have a garden in our backyard with a beautiful bird bath and a discreet memorial to him. And although I always carry himin my heart, its nice to have a place to stop and think and play respect to a wonderful yet brief life.

Posted by: Terry Blinkenberg

My husband and I lost our only son after 16 joyous years with him. We had a friend make a cedar coffee table with a glass tilt top so we can place items in there that bring back memories of him. He was athletic so he earned may awards. We even have some of his books he made for us while in elementary school. I can rearrange these items to match the seasons or the moods we might be having. It is also a great conversation piece when friends come over. We love it just like we loved our son.

Posted by: Hope Casseri

My 16 year old daughter Tiffany Taylor passed away on Dec.24, 1997. A few months later my husband and younger daughter filled a large collage frame filled with pictures of Tiffany. I had it hanging in my dining room for probably 11 years. I can't tell you the number of times I would walk over to the picture and cry and laugh remembering my daughter. I remodeled my dining room last year so I took the picture frame down and I moved it to my bedroom right on the wall by the door. Now every time I leave my bedroom I see my darling girl. I still stop and remember all of our times together.

Posted by: Linda Brown

We started out with a very large memorial - everything from the funeral, all framed photos, Bible, flowers, plants, ect (it was an entire room). Now we have a smaller area with special momento's and each of our daughters have their special photos, notes and their brothers t-shirts they keep on their own. We have a small table of remembrances we keep in our living room, our larger memorials are held in our hearts and we still visit them daily.

Posted by: Peggy Matthews

We lost our son, Ryan, February 2004. Every area in our house is space where we hold special memories of him. However, we do have one room where Ryan spent a lot of time listening to music and playing his game systems. We have rearranged that room somewhat, but we still have lots of keepsakes that honor him--the CO 2005 pillow he made in home ec, his various keychains, his home run baseball, his trophies, his framed basketball jersey, lots of football pictures, and the framed picture one of his transplant recipients drew.

Posted by: Alison/Ronald Mohn

To remember our father, Enrique Carrasco we create a small alter in our home during Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which is a Mexican tradition that takes place in November. It is a day of remembrance of loved ones who have passed away. We place his favorite things and a photograph of him. This allows us to keep our cultural traditions alive as well as celebrate his life. His grandchildren learn new things about him, and will hopefully continue this tradition.

Posted by: Cynthia Carrasco-Gonzalez

Thelarge shallow glass bowl container from my husband’s floral arrangement at his memorial service was engraved with his name, birth date, death date and epitaph, “I’d rather be in Paris”. I place pedestal candles and stones inside of it, on an end table in my living room. Each night, I light the candles in remembrance of my beloved husband, Allen. Their soft glow brings peace and healing into my heart.
My husband was a veteran, as well as, a cornea donor. I received a U.S.A. flag at his funeral. It is in a protective case with three empty casings from his 21 gun salute. I received a Gift of Life donor medallion at a remembrance ceremony. It is in the case with his flag and sits on a shelf above the television with his army helmet and a plant.

Posted by: Mrs. Leah Zenker



We have a special memorial place on our mantle for our daughter,Emily.We keep pictures of her along with poems,writings,cards,special things we add and re arrange that remind us of her .We burn a small candle there on special occasions and keep a small vase with a fresh flower in it beside her picture.She passed away 6 years ago.

Posted by: Chris Jenkins

Yes, we do. We have our indoor sacred spot where we have our Michelle's Urn and some mementos and figurines, and where we leave flowers and visit, especially for special occassions. Some pictures are there and throughout our home too. We also kept some of her floral arrangements from her Service to remind us of all who cared so much.

Then outdoors I had a special plaque made for Michelle and keep it under a tree with some bricks by her birdbath and an area I call her Garden... I like to plant special flowers there for Michelle and have perennials as well as annuals. I even transplanted some of Michelle's favorite flowers and roses there from our old stead that Michelle used to love to watch grow and sometimes would pick a bouquet for me from. In particular she was fond of the old fashioned yellow roses which are there too. It may seem odd but I actually enjoy being in her Garden more because it is so serene and beautiful there and full of the life she so enjoyed, birds singing and flowers swaying in the breezes. It is her essense there more than anywhere else. We added a cement bench seat there and a beautiful Blue Spruce tree we planted for her that we also enjoy and find comfort in.

I know there are more ways I could share but I want to add that I also created a website for Michelle which I visit and share with others where I find much comfort and solace too, her site is;
I also like to write and hope to write a book one day as a Tribute to our Daughter Michelle.

Posted by: Cindy and David Greever

Yes, we do. We have our indoor sacred spot where we have our Michelle's Urn and some mementos and figurines, and where we leave flowers and visit, especially for special occassions. Some pictures are there and throughout our home too.

Then outdoors I had a special plaque made for Michelle and keep it under a tree by a birdbath and an area I call her Garden... I like to plant special flowers there for Michelle and have perennials as well as annuals. I even transplanted some of Michelle's favorite flowers and roses there from our old stead that Michelle used to love to watch grow and sometimes would pick a bouquet for me from. In particular she was fond of the old fashioned yellow roses which are there too.

It may seem odd but I actually enjoy being in her Garden more because it is so serene and beautiful there and full of the life she so enjoyed, birds singing and flowers swaying in the breezes. It is her essense there more than anywhere else.

Posted by: Cindy and David Greever

My son, Michael, committed suicide in 2008. I have 5 places where I have placed his ashes. His main memorial site is under his favorite apple tree in his dad's yard, the ocean near where he lived with my sister for a year, my backyard under a birdbath. I placed some in my future burial plot and then I have a special place that only he and I know. All of the places have special meaning and bring me comfort.

Posted by: Melissa Bothum

When our daughter Juliet died in 2002, we decided that rather than create one special memorial place for her in our house, we would simply leave everything as it of her, her framed needlework, even her old room with some of her things in the closet. Some things I donated to charity in her memory. I also planted several "desert broom" plants in our backyard in her memory as they have beautiful yellow blooms in the spring and she always loved a splash of yellow in a room, a bouquet or a garden. Whether I'm walking through the house or sitting on the patio, I feel her presence with me which is very comforting.

Posted by: Gloria Aberman

Mike was killed in a cycle-deer accident at age 40, his little girl was 6.
Gina his wife had many different sizes of teddy bears made out of Mike's
shirts and jean. We have one sitting on an end table with the saying on the
ribbon that says "I was once worn by someone so dear,who through loving
memory will always be here. So when you hug me up close, just remember, Mike
love you too."
We also have a picture of Mike and daughter sitting on his cycle holding his
Dairy queen ice cream cake. Mike was suppose to put in freezer and he put it
in the refrigerator and so all that was left was the picture of his cycle
and the sayings on the cake. That was his last birthday on this earth,
but we will see him in heaven some day. Thank you for caring.

Posted by: Don and Shirley

We have two memorial places for my husband. In the front yard there is a cherry tree that was an anniversary gift from one of our children and there is a memorial ring of stones around it. Inside the front door, we have a long hallway. My husband was a firefighter for 42 years and during that time had received many awards and collected many firematic articles. In the beginning we put everything on the walls out there because it was just too difficult to have them around, but now it gives me great comfort just to stand out there with all of his things. In the three years since his death, I have learned not to mourn so much over what I have lost, but to rejoice in the memory of what I had for so many years.

Posted by: Darlene Andolsek

My daughter, Beth Gontasz, loved yellow roses so I've placed a black granite bench under a large oak tree in my yard and yellow rose bushes on each side. I was given a memorial stepping stone that I placed in front of the bench with her name and significant dates engraved on it. It's my special place to be with her in spirit when I'm down. Although she's been gone for almost 10 years (June 15, 1999) there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her. I've also set up a memorial area in my home complete with pictures & mementos of her life. It reminds me and others that she'll never be forgotten and encourages people to ask "who is she?"

Posted by: Teresa Colburn-Bird

After my son Billy died, in a car accident, at the age of 16 my wonderful neighbors came to our house and created a beautiful garden in his memory. They planted a japanese maple, which is growing beautifully, as well as some other plants. There is also a bench in the garden where I can go to sit and think about all the wonderful memories I have of him. At his high school we set up a scholarship in his memory and his senior class built a beautiful bridge in memory of him. The bridge crosses a small creek and leads to the baseball field he loved so much. After 6 years of leaving his room just as he did, I converted his bedroom into my office, there I can be close to him. I have decorated the walls with things he had as well as things that were given to us in memory of him. Another thing I did was to create a website where others can learn about him.
All these things have brought us comfort as we learn how to live this new life without our son. Billy donated 6 of his organs as well as his cornea's and so I know the beautiful person that he was lives on in others

Posted by: Diane Kayser

In the window between my kitchen and living room I have a picture of Michele. The area is surrounded by angels. The picture represents the picture of my former life. I also have a picture there of two friends and I that represent the beginning of the picture of my new life. Every time I walk by it makes me happy to see the area

Posted by: Jim Baldinger

The first birthday after my son's death was 4/20/03 and it happened to be on Easter Sunday. On that day, my family planted a Japanese Maple tree on our front lawn and placed a garden angel holding a bird underneath. It was so fragile at first and we worried as it weathered each year's severe winter weather. Each year it got stronger and fuller. It continues to grow and prosper and bring us beauty everyday. It is a living witness to our son's life and to his eternal presence with us now.

Posted by: Maureen Fleagle

my son: payam karbasi
1980 - 2008
I miss him so much

Posted by: farideh shahabi

I don't have a special place but I have special things all over the house. Our heart recipient cross-stitched three beautiful poems and had them framed. They are in a place of honor in the dining room for all to see. Amanda's great grandmother painted a portrait of her that won a State Fair Ribbon a few years ago. It's also hanging in the dining room. We also keep things from the Transplant Games, which are displayed throughout the house.

Posted by: Cheryl Manley

My husband died 2 yrs. ago. Everything about my home and yard remind me of him. We had planted many types of trees, flowers, etc. in our yard, but his favorite was hostas. I am now working on a hosta garden in his memory, which has a garden bench, stepping stones, and a bird house. I want it to be a continuing project that will never be completed. I choose to do all the work myself, because no one else could feel the love that is going in to this memorial to my husband. Knowing that he is in heaven with his Lord, I wonder if this could be one of those glimpses that God might give him. It certainly comforts me to believe that it may be possible.

Posted by: Ann Mason

My husband Bob died at the age of 52, of heart problems.
The next spring, my son and I made two flower gardens in our yard. The physical work of making a garden and the pleasure of seeing flowers that Bob loved helped us both.

Posted by: Sherry

Last year my wife and I designed an outdoor garden in front of our home.The garden is to honor the legacy of our daughter Miranda Grace who died in 1998 at 2 months old, she was a heart valve donor. The area contains flowers, hanging antiques, wind chimes, old family items like a wagon wheel from the family farm and such. We have a small fountain set up in the corner by the pine trees that depicts a small girl crouching by a pond with her hands cupped, catching a stream of water flowing from a fishes mouth, at nite the white strands of lights and tiki torches illuminate the garden. The bench area is pointed like an arrow and faces north (to heaven). We also use the area to feed the many wild birds that live in our woods. Miranda's "zen" garden is a very special place for us. I wrote the following lyrics last summer inspired by the garden.

"our revelry"
ican hear the deep of the wood
i can hear the highway rolling on
i can hear church bells solemn in the rain
i can hear every word that you will say
i can see the sky after the sun
and i rely on the coming up
and i concede all further battles tonite
i can see your shadows in the light
by the full of the moon
the fish and the girl
share secrets of certain revelry, our revelry
our revelries

Posted by: jeff dauber

When my son died suddenly at the age of 20, we had a Celebration of Life instead of a traditional funeral or wake. At this Celebration of Life we displayed two “story boards” that had pictures of DJ. What was special about the boards is that anyone who wished to contribute or choose a picture was welcome. We included hand written poems and remembrances. We also included small shapes of blank paper where those attending the Celebration of Life could jot down their own thoughts or feelings. Unanimously, those who contributed, sifted through photos, glued, pasted, and shared stories, said it was incredibly helpful because it directed us onto a path of remembering the good and the smiles as opposed to anger and resentment. The grieving never ends. Those boards are displayed in my office with a curio full of DJ’s most personal possessions. It brings up new conversations and helps move us forward on our journey of healing, a journey we are traveling on together because of this project and our mutual love.

Posted by: Shelly

My husband was a Navy Aviator so I have his American flag in a frame and a programmable candle that comes on each night in my family room on top of our bookcase. The candle is powered by batteries, looks like a real wax candle but comes on every evening and goes off late at night without my having to climb on a chair to turn it on or off. It is also much safer than having a real burning candle. It is sort of my own little eternal flame.

Posted by: Anne Dobbs

I do have a couple special places where i keep the memory of my son Shawn alive. They include pictures hung on the wall and on my dresser in my room and also some of the clothes he wore on his few days of life. If anything having lost him has helped me to charish all the little things in life. I forever will miss and love him.

Posted by: Kimberly Murray

after i lost my daughter amber who was 26 and a l.p.n.. i keep her bedroom that her and her son shared the same, i have all her pictures and a scrapbook on an old antique dresser with dreied flower arrangements we recieved from her funeral. I also have a shadow box someone made for me with a shirt and a picture of amber on it with her nursing pins and other things she loved. when my grandson comes to visit he loves to go in the room and just look at all the stuff. I have angels all around her things.

Posted by: debbie mccray

He is always in my heart. Every place I am I honor his memory.

Posted by: Sue

I submitted a story about Jenny to the donor newsletter and I had that laminated and put in a frame, and when I went to the yearly memorial they gave me an ornament that I have on an ornament hanger. I also have an angel with a little girl standing beside her and I have all these things arranged very nicely on a shelf in my living room underneath all of her pictures. I also have a picture of Jenny with her brother that was taken when she was just 1 year old. I do get comments on how beautiful it looks. My Jenny was only 3 when she died I miss her alot but seeing the pictures and memorial Ihave set up for her makes me feel her around me.

Posted by: Kelly Carroll

My husband loved Arizona The very day we moved here from MI
he began collecting discarded cactus to begin his own cactus garden. In 12 years he'd created quite a garden equipped with lights for night time viewing. When he died some friends gave me a cement angel on a pedestal to watch over his garden. The illuminated angel is a source of comfort to me and a fitting memorial for my husband.

Posted by: Sally Herron

We have set up a memorial award at the high school where my son was going to when he died at the age of 17. We also sponsor a run every year to support the memorial award and organ donation. I have also planted a small flower garden in his memory. I have also taken his shirts and covered pillows so I can "hug" him. We also have a room set aside with all his memorabilia on the walls. We will be planting a tree at the cemetary by his grave. Rio Don Diego Martinez - 2/28/80 to 8/1/1997

Posted by: Nancy Martinez

I have a small flower garden, with a concrete birdbath in the center, & flat rocks surrounding it, in a circle. Several angels, types of flowers, & a 'Stairway to Heaven', plaque. I call it 'Anthony's Garden'. My 13 yr. old son. Anthony G. Morris 10/24/83 - 7/2/97.

Posted by: Elaine Morris Carnes

I have a memory scrapbook that I have kept since my daughter's death. Our community has shown their support in many ways and I have tried to keep a memory of that with pictures and journaling. Although I have thought that I would never forget all the wonderful events dedicated in her memory, I'm afraid I might have without this scrapbook. I have also taken old pictures and created a scrapbook that includes the "memory" that accompanies the picture. I know this will help all of us as the years go by. Hopefully, just by reviewing the scrapbooks the memories will be part of our family history for years to come.

Posted by: Lorraine Tierney

We have no such "memorial space" in our home to honor the donation of my husband, Garry Barton. People that we are aquainted with find that the sacrifice is minimal and that the tissue donated is really not the important stuff such as major organs, etc. My children and I hold this donation to ourselves and rest assure that much has been accomplished with what we were able to give. It seemed like a great service at the time, and I refuse to minimize it by people's perceptions of the 'important' organs'
Thank you,,Tracy Newton spouse to Garry Barton

Posted by: Tracy Newton

I am a Donor Mom. My son passed away after a car accident. At his funeral there were beautiful sunflowers everywhere. Since that time I have surounded myself with Sunflowers, in memory of him. I have them painted on both my cars and in many places thru out my home. Each time I look at my collection I think of my sweet boy and the gift of life he gave.

Something that helped me thru those first days, month and even years is a locket that I wear close to my heart. Inside my locket I have a picture of my son and a small lock of his hair. Whenever I'm missing my son I can hold on to my locket and he seems closer.

God bless you all as you find your own special ways to remember your loved ones.

Posted by: Pam Charron

I was a donor family.My daughter passed away at 16,and I donated corneas and other things.I am glad I could someone in need.

Posted by: Sigrid Patterson

Since my son was cremated, I brought him home. His urn is on the mantle, with his picture above and trophies around him. Because he was so active and well liked in school, I also put a memorial in the back yard for his friends to visit. There is a cross with his name and dates, the lighthouse that he and his grandfather built together, and of coarse an angel and the Blessed Mother to watch over it. A park bench sit in waiting for anyone to use. I take much comfort, and so do his friends sitting and just remembering him.

Posted by: Sharron O'Buckley

i dont have a space but i had his shirts made into a blanket so when i go to bed i am wrapped in him. i had one made for his boys too. and each of us have a memorial photo gallery of pics of each of us with my husband

Posted by: diana

My husband, Jeff, was killed in a work accident in March of 2008. Ihave a table in the foyer that is filled with his memory. There is a picture of us, a framed poem, an angel snowglobe that says, "watch over us", a medallion given in his honor for organ donation, and a book of memorials from friends and family. The kids and I pass it several times a day and are reminded of what a wonderful husband & father he was. I also have the posterboard of pictures the kids made for the funeral up so we can remember everyday all the good memories we shared together.

Posted by: sharyl pierce

I also have a china cabinet in the living room with all of his Army things in them, uniform,boots, medals and a flag. with his urn on top of the cabinet

Posted by: christine

My memorial is for my son who was a SPC in the Army. it is in the front of my house. There is a wishing well with an army plaque on one side and a concrete butterfly (the last mothers day gift from him) on the other with hosta's all around it. There is also a concrete "little army boy" with a duffle bag and a red,white, and blue small windmill. It's a very special place for me

Posted by: christine

When my son Nathaniel Eugene Pique moved to Georgia (where he died) he left his entertainment center (which I assembled for him as a Christmas present )with me in California. It sits in my livingroom and I use it to memoralize him with some of his knick-knacks from his home in Georgia. I have his chime mantle clock as the centerpiece - his precious ashes are in a beautiful rosewood picture (of him) framed urn,- a collection of dolphins, some are his, others have been given to me by my friends in his memory. I have a lovely assortment of framed photos of Nathaniel and other precious momentos of him on display. Since Nathaniel loved music, a friend gave me a wood photo collage box with a blue (Nathaniel's favorite color) cd of one of his favorite music artist ( Najee) displayed in the middle. Nathaniel gave me a large beautiful elephant figurine some years ago which I keep there also. My walls throughout the house are adorned with poster size photos of Nathaniel which gives me great comfort. I also planted a cypress tree in his memory on Christmas in 2007 ( Nathaniel died December 2006) which is on my balcony. A cymbidium orchid I bought for his birthday in March of 2007 is now in full bloom and is simply gorgeous. His cymbidium and cypress tree are symbolic to me because they persevere through stormy weather and yet in their own time, with sunshine and rain, slowly and quietly they emerge strong and healthy again. That growth process represents my grieving process. Thank You, Ms Jean Bolds in "Tender Loving Memory of My Beloved Son, Nathaniel Eugene Pique" Date of Birth- March 14, 1974 in California -- Date of Death-December 8, 2006 in Georgia.

Posted by: Jean Bolds

in my extra bedroom I have a letter Jason wrote me framed on the wall surrounded by angels.Jason loved wind chimes at his gravesite I put a gazing ball with windchimes along with a clock stopped on the hour and minute he passed.I laminated his last birthday and mothers day card to me and I set them out every year.Jason used to tell me "Don't worry ma It's all gonna be alright".Everytime I feel down or sad I remember those words and read his letter and feel comforted because he's right It will all be alright..Jason Wilson's mother sharlotte johnson

Posted by: sharlotte johnson

my son passed away soon to be 12 years ago and was only 20 years old,with a wife and son of his own. i keep my special memories of him in my heart and by looking into his sons eyes. i also have pictures of him sitting around and things he really enjoyed. he made a wood car in jr.high school,the two last things he got me for christmas 6 months before he was taken from us. one is very special and dear to me it say's "a heart filled with love always has something to give". i remember that every day because my son always had something to give and that was his love for life and all around him..

Posted by: marsha runyon

i made a garden in the back yard..with a brick that has engraved "christopher field, on to your next great adventure" which is how he lived... he also has a page on facebook that his classmates created... each of these always make me smile..

Posted by: donna field

I have a small cut glass box that my very best friend made for me after Lance was killed
May 29, 1995 on his motorcycle
at age 25.
I keep it on my dresser, In it is his name carved in wood
his boce ball that we found hiding in the house his ID bracelet and his class ring from high school white roses from the funeral and his ABATE patch along with the pins that ABATE sends me every year since his death.
I think the best thing we can do is some type of memorial that gives to others in memory of our children. We started a nonprofit concerning motorcycle safety

Posted by: Kathy Malone

I keep my son's ashes along with a small photo album and a candle on the shelf over my t.v. I also keep his other pictures on my walls along with my other kids and my grandchildren. I refuse to tuck him away. He was such a vibrant personality in life and seeing his sparkling, mischievous eyes every day brings comfort to me. This loss has been very difficult, and I will truly never be over it. But he would not want me to be for him I give life the best chance I can.

Posted by: Brenda Warner

My son is single and on his wall he has a shelf with his mom's picture as well as a shadow box with little mementos that she has given him in the past as well larger gifts that he had received from her most recent.

Posted by: Al Wright

I have a speical wall that is in memory of my son Shawn who died June 18, 2001 he was also an organ doner and on this wall are his ornmanents and different things that remind me of him I miss him so He was so full of life

Posted by: Joyce Porter

We have a special section in our livivng room for our son Ben. It is on top of a book shelf. We have a shadow box with pictures and special memeories of him in it. On top are also his favorite stuffed animals and some flowers from his funeral.

Posted by: Michelle

My husband Terry was Buddhist so I have a small area in my patio with statue of Buddah and many colorful flowers planted around the statue. There is also a fountain near by that conforting.I can see this serene setting from every room in my home. Inside, we have fresh flowers and several candles that we light with incense each day to show respect and gratitude to Terry.

Posted by: Roxanne Kuramoto

We live in a small community in Devine Tx, we have adopted a hwy entering Devine,off the interstate 35. The TXDOT sign reads "adopted by family of Adrian Camarillo" my son died on 9/25/94 was a organ/tissue donor.He was 18yrs old.We have a annual Clean up date which many of his high school friends and community come out in large group to honor his gift of life. It keeps the town clean and His family and commuity smile to see his name on the Adopted Hwy sign.We have a article printed each year of Adrian's story.He has also been featured in the Sept/Oct 2009issue of San Antonio Womens magazine on Organ.

Posted by: Mary Jane Balderrrama

The framed poem that we received from UNYTS has Ron's picture on it. It sits on a table in the living room with an angel figurine standing next to it. In addition, there is also the red shift knob from the last car Ron bought for me next to the picture. There is a family story that goes with the shift knob that makes its placement special to our memorial space.

Posted by: Mary Schuler

I have a couple of places one outside and one inside. The one outside is by our patio and next to the firepit. I have special rocks with special sayings on them and other things that friends have left at my son's grave site. It is comforting to sit out in the summer and fall with the fire and feeling my son all around. The one inside is on a couple of shelves with special things of my sons and pictures of him. And having his high school graduation picture in my hallway I see him every morning and every night really helps knowing that he is still a part of this house and a part of our lifes forever. And in every part of the house I have something of CJ's that reminds us of him at all times. He is never to far away.

Posted by: Janet Shafer

We made Bob's room into our private dining room. Bob's favorite colors were turquoise and purple, which we have a lot of in this special room. We also have pictures of Bob with family & friends hanging in there along with a special urn with his ashes. Outside in our front yard we also planted a beautiful Endless Summer Hydrangea with some of Bob's ashes. Last year was the 3rd year it grew and the blooms were huge and absolutely beautiful!

Posted by: Patricia Schmidt