Quilt Display and Care Instruction


The National Donor Family Quilt is a fragile patchwork of squares made from a variety of materials. These squares are irreplaceable and have been entrusted to the National Donor Family Council by the families. We bestow that trust on you. For this reason, special care needs to be taken in handling the Quilt. Please read the following guidelines carefully and call the National Kidney Foundation with any concerns or suggestions. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please designate a specific person who is familiar with the significance of the Quilt to handle and receive it for your event.

The Quilt will arrive wrapped in plastic and shipped in a sturdy cardboard box. If this box has been damaged in transit, and/or if the plastic is torn or missing, please repair or replace when returning. These materials are necessary to preserve and to protect the Quilt while in transit. If there has been damage to the Quilt, please call the National Donor Family Council at 800.622.9010.

When opening the package, do not insert sharp objects deep into the box. Use extreme caution if opening the box with scissors or a knife. Prepare a clean, large space to put the Quilt once it is removed from the box. Save the packing material to use for return shipping.


The Quilt travels in sections, or panels. Each panel measures 6' tall and 10' wide. Generally, the NKF will send two panels unless otherwise requested. Please note: for larger requests, additional shipping charges will apply.

The National Kidney Foundation does not provide display stands. The Quilt can be hung in several ways, depending on your resources and space. Suggestions and limitations are listed below. Please consult the facility staff for assistance and permission to hang the Quilt as desired.

Display Options

The top of the Quilt has tabs measuring approximately 3" in diameter and are spaced at 8" intervals.

  • A dowel can be threaded throughout the tabs and each end affixed to the wall or suspended from the ceiling.
  • T-pins or thumb tacks can be used to attach the Quilt to a wooden structure or a fabric covered wall. If attaching to plain wood, please be sure to wipe off any excess dirt, dust or furniture polish. Ideally, cover the wood with a sheet or tablecloth to further protect the fabric.
  • If your exhibit includes booths with pipe and draping, each panel of the quilt fits perfectly on a standard-size booth stanchion.

Special Considerations

  • To minimize risk, the Quilt should be suspended without touching the floor.
  • The Quilt should be hung in a protected area away from food, drink, water or other conditions that could in any way damage the fragile fabric.
  • Finger oils can damage the fabric, so please try to discourage people from touching the squares.
  • BE CAREFUL! Panels may contain straight pins to secure the quilting.

Accompanying Materials

  • Display instructional Quilt brochures nearby. To obtain copies of these materials or additional National Donor Family Council resources available for your display, please call 800.622.9010.


The Quilt schedule is published in the For Those Who Give and Grieve newsletter and is printed in other NKF publications. It is also featured on our Web site. Please be aware that families may know the Quilt is being displayed and may wish to attend your event. Inquiries received at NKF will be forwarded to the contact person listed on your reservation form.

Special Requests

Remember, the entire quilt may not be available during your event. If you would like to display a specific panel, please notify us in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your special requests, as well as those from families planning to attend your event.

Returning the Quilt

For insurance purposes, the Quilt must be shipped via Federal Express and insured in the amount of $2,000 per 2 panels. Additional panels must be insured at the rate of $1,000 per panel. The Quilt may need to be sent to another venue immediately following your event. Please respect other organizations' schedules. Ship the Quilt in its protective packaging to the next display site on time. Specific delivery information will be provided for you.

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