Love Your Kidneys - August 2015

August 2015

Telemedicine is more than just a buzzword or a word to describe using FaceTime or Skype with your doctor. It is re-shaping the patient-physician relationship. See what NKF President Jeffrey S. Berns, MD has to say about how it can be used for people with kidney disease.


A long-running debate among nephrologists is whether late-life kidney disease is a natural part of aging, or due to specific, modifiable lifestyle factors. A new study in NKF’s American Journal of Kidney Diseases suggests the latter. Find out what the research shows.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and cool down with this kidney-friendly pineapple sorbet. This easy-to-make treat only contains only 5 ingredients, making it a fast and simple way to beat the heat, while allowing you to quickly resume your poolside position!

Now you can run, jump, ride, swim and raise funds to enhance the lives of everyone with or at risk for kidney disease! If you’re up for the challenge, join Team Kidney and help the millions of Americans impacted by kidney disease. Team Kidney is an official Tough Mudder partner. 

Recurrent bacterial infections are one of the most common issues that can affect kidney disease patients and complicate treatment. Through an NKF-grant, one scientist is working to find new ways to attack these robust bacteria – which is crucial as antibiotics become less effective. Learn more about this cutting-edge research

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