Love Your Kidneys - November 2016

November 2016
Being around friends and family is good for the soul. It’s a welcome reminder that there is more beyond the demanding schedule of dialysis. Balancing health and nutrition goals may seem challenging with holiday meals, but it's important to stay healthy on dialysis.
Living with gout can be debilitating. We have partnered with the Arthritis Foundation to help educate people with gout that zero flares are possible with the right treatment and management. Learn more.
Transplant recipients know gratitude better than anyone else. This Thanksgiving, give friends and family an opportunity to make a donation in your honor by creating a Team Kidney fundraiser. 
The National Kidney Foundation is not about kidney disease. It’s about people with kidney disease. Download our annual report to see how we follow through on this commitment. 
No child should suffer from the debilitating effects of kidney disease. Read Sean's story, and learn how his life has been changed since his initial diagnosis. Stand with Sean, and kids like him, and make a gift today.