Love Your Kidneys - October 2015

October 2015

By increasing awareness about living kidney donation, there is great potential to save lives. More people may consider donation if they are aware of the process, risks and benefits. It takes courage to ask others for help so here are our tips to get this conversation started

For many, fall marks the beginning of pumpkin-spice season. But while these sweets are meant to be fun and spirited, they are also huge traps for sugar, calories, and sodium. This fall, don’t be tricked by these treats. If you are a pumpkin-spice enthusiast, use this list to know which products to avoid and which to enjoy.

Dr. Ilse Daehn's NKF-funded research looks at what happens to cells within the kidneys when they are injured, and how to prevent the injured cells from causing further damage.

NKF and members of our Kidney Action Committee joined forces with the Kidney Community on Capitol Hill to ask Congress to cosponsor the Living Donor Act of 2015 and to invest more funds in research for kidney disease.