Love Your Kidneys - October 2016

October 2016

It’s very important to check with your healthcare provider or dietitian before taking any supplements because some can actually be quite harmful to people with kidney disease or kidney failure. Here are 8 key things to know.

No parent should watch their child suffer from kidney disease. Read Amy's story and see how her parents' lives have forever been changed by kidney disease. Stand with Collete and Riaz and renew your support by making a gift today. 

From celebrating transplant anniversaries, to bake sales and bowling tournaments, to pushing yourself with a 10K  — the fundraising possibilities are endless with Team Kidney. What inspires YOU to become a part of the NKF's national community mobilizing against kidney disease? 

Our food culture has been so caught up in the “gluten-free” frenzy, that the term has almost entirely lost its original meaning. So what does going gluten-free mean and how can it impact you if you have kidney disease or kidney failure?