Managing Your Health With Your Phone

Fall 2017
Do you use your smartphone to manage your health? If so, how?


Hello everyone, I use a blood pressure (and weight) app to record my daily pressures. Its great for the doctors to see them at a glance. I also use My Fitness Pal to record the food I eat with nutritional values. Take care, lauren
Last week I read on Facebook a tip that each and every person should take advantage of. It related to setting up emergency medical information on your cell telephone. With the dawn of technology, emergency medical people are now looking to our cell phones for information to help us in the event of an emergency. The article addresses iPhones but also states Android phones have similar application. It is called ICE on the Android.
I use a an app called MedCoach to help remind me when to take my meds and record the fact that I took the med.
I use my smartphone in many ways to manage my health. I check my lab results from dialysis on my phone. I use it to research my health conditions. And the biggest way I use it is for nutrition. I daily use My Food Coach and My Fitness Pal to track my calories and most importantly my intake of phosphorus and potassium.
Ni, I don't manage health issues with smartphone. I am a generation too late for that.
I use my smartphone to keep up with doctor appointments; using the G calendar with sms reminders, Notepad App to log meds lists, insurance #, and vaccination dates & Mail order RX APP to reorder meds directly & instantly from the phone
I use my cell phone just about for everything. I use my calendar for doctor appointments. I also u my phone to call and schedule doctor appointments just to name a few. My cell phone is a must!
I use the "drink" app to keep track of my fluid intake. I am 11 months post transplant and have problems getting in my fluids. As a former dialysis patient, it is hard to go from not drinking to DRINKING!
The kidney diet is a challenge to manage and remembering the nutrition data for every food is impossible. I know some people simply think of certain foods as off-limits but I prefer to find ways to include any food I want to eat. My smart phone allows me to easily find the nutrition information that I need. Whether I'm at the grocery store or a restaurant or even at a potluck, I can quickly go to and get all the info I need.
Hello Everyone living with Kidney Disease or having a Family member suffering from Kidney Disease; I have been dealing with Alport Syndrome since I was 6 years old, 50 years ago, seems like 10 years tops. I have to admit, I have been to Hades and Back...I could tell you horrific events because of kidney disease and I could tell you stories to make you laugh :) I never ever thought Kidney Disease would affect my life so much, no one ever thinks when they are in high school or college...I will one day be hooked up to a hemodialysis machine just to live. Those carefree days of youth were spent dreaming of the future, doing homework, and spending the summers trying to get into trouble. The most important thing I learned, that no one taught me and I wish they did...was to be an advocate for myself. ONLY YOU, know your body better than any doctor, ONLY YOU, should be in charge of your care, ONLY YOU, know if medicines are working, have side effects you cannot live with, live in too much pain, where it hurts, how it hurts...I know from being bombarded with questions and in too much pain what it is like to just agree, to get people to go away. My plan was to work in the plumbing union, not to be on a hemodialysis machine for 18 months. I had no idea how hard it was going to be on my body to get a kidney transplant, all I knew was I wanted one, and my guardian angel, I believe, helped me get one! The kidney transplant was a perfect 6 antigen match back in 1989, one in a million I was told, very special, and it proved to be very special lasting 27 years! Over the past 30 years I have become kind of an expert on how to keep a kidney transplant for longer than I should of. Kidney transplants are very special things...they take away horrible body pain from toxins in the bloodstream, they let you drink a gallon of water in one sitting, you can go on vacation anywhere you want, and you are not crabby to your loved ones! I could write articles every month on this subject! There is so much Doctors do not tell you.
I was talking to a fellow dialysis patient after our treatment on Monday this week. Bob was telling me what a difficult time he was trying to get an appointment with an Opthamologist. I asked Bob, as he was struggling to make his smart phone work with a picture of a biten apple on the back, did he have MYCHART @ URMC. Bob told me no, so I informed a patient who has been on dialysis for 13 years, how MYCHART would change his life, no more phone calls to schedule doctor appointments, ask your Primary Doctor any questions he might have a concern about without going in to the office, ask for prescription refills, check all your medications and show doctors not in the network all your meds, health history, blood work, tests, things you have to schedule because you are overdue, appointment reminders, and orders groceries at Wegmans! Bob was taken back by everything I just told him, a tiny smart phone could make his life easier and do everything his wife does! His face went from bewilderment to devilish, Bob looked like the Grinch when he had an Wonderful Awful Idea! I quickly said, ummm Bob, the phone will not make you dinner, wash your clothes, or keep you warm at night. A smartphone will organize your life, give your spouse a break, and help you advocate for yourself which simple is amazing! I use my smartphone to keep track of my diabetes and it sends alerts to my better half when my sugar is low. It's a pedometer, it's a chore list, it lets you shop from home or in the bathroom at Wal Mart. A smart phone has apps for any health issue to make life easier. A smart phone prevents you from calling your Mother at 2 am because the baby has the whooping cough. You can talk to a Pediatrician by Face time/Skype/Cam at anytime of day and pay by phone! You can find diabetic, vegan, weight watchers online without buying magazines, going to the library, or asking Mom. Everything you do at the bank can be done with your smart phone. You can send texts with pictures, talk face to face, or simple do something them, actually talk on the phone with no 30' stretched out curly phone cord. Smart phones are truly Smart, it is also at the same time the reason kids do not go outside and play, people do not talk in person as much, and it can ruin your life! Smartphones are a tool, use it with caution, do not let the phone become your life!
I use my iPhone to monitor my sleep, keep my home dialysis records near, manage my online search for a kidney donor and run all pharmaceuticals thru it as well. There are so many apps out there to help manage chronic health conditions!
Absolutely I do. As someone on the younger side with ESRD, I think technology is a huge benefit to us as patients. That and I am always on my smartphone. My iPhone's notepad is the most handy thing when it comes to writing down questions I have for my doctor or for the times when I need to take down information and just don't have a pen or paper. Additionally, I set the alarm clock to remind me to take my medicine. The calaendar is extremely beneficial because that's where I keep all my appointments instead of carrying around those appointments cards, which I inevitably misplace. And my smartphone's maps helps me navigate my way to that new appointment I've never been to! Furthermore, I'm always on my email checking my labs from dialysis; sometimes, I can get them before the nurses even do their rounds! I also have several apps that I have downloaded that I use regulary to manage my illnesses. My favorite is My Food Coach by the NKF, especially for the recipes! I also use the ICare Health Monitor app and the Glucose app. I find them to be mostly reliable apps that help me manage my health. Overall, I believe if you have a smartphone and know how to work it, you can make it work in your favor to better help you manage your chronic illnesses.
I have been using it to list all my important information. All my surgeries, shots, medicine changes. weight changes,etc
I use iHelath devices, BP, Spirometer (Oxygen) and glucometer...using wireless and BT technology. Somehow running high BP but can't control it much. Any suggestions? The nephrologist prescribed most of the BP medications out there!