Yoga For Kidneys


Although kidneys are relatively small organs they play a big part in our body. When you donate a vehicle to Kidney Cars you are able to support those with kidney disease. Kidneys cleanse blood by acting as filters in our body’s circulatory system. Several times each day blood is cycled through the kidneys and it removes any waste while keeping all the important elements for the body. Acids and salts are maintained by the kidneys in proper balance, the kidneys also produce enzymes and hormones that maintain blood sugar levels, and keeps the fluid in our bodies balanced that influences bone health. Becaused kidneys play such a vital role in our internal system it is important that proper attention is given to them through healthy food, appropriate exercise, and meditation.


A great way to properly care for your kidneys is yoga. Yoga is gentle and effective in helping support the kidneys while also promoting stress relief. Increased blood circulation is one of the positive side effects of yoga along with improved heart function. Strength, flexibility, and overall mental clarity are other benefits of doing yoga regularly. If yoga is intimidating you can start by doing chair yoga which is appropriate for all levels of fitness. It is always important to talk to a healthcare provider before starting or changing an exercise program.

Chair Yoga

Starting a new exercise program can be overwhelming, but take it slowly and be patient with yourself. Also, determine that you will give it some time before you decide to give it up. The best thing about chair yoga is that you can adjust the overall difficulty of the exercise to meet your personal needs. The most important to remember when doing yoga is to breathe. Breathing helps to relax the mind, feed the body with oxygen, and assists when strengthening muscles. Here are a couple exercises to start with:

Knee Pull

First concentrate on your breathing throughout all the exercises. Remember to keep breathing throughout each exercise. Then take your hands and gently pull your knees to your chest while you’re in a seated position on a chair. Lower your head to your knees and allow your body to relax, this will help with digestion and relax the lower part of your back.

Spinal Twist

While sitting face forward, using the opposite hand put it on the opposite knee. Using this as leverage push your body to twist including your head and hold it to a count of five while continuing to breathe. Repeat to the other side. This helps with circulation and spine flexibility.