10 Digital Games to Stimulate Your Brain During Dialysis


Studies show that some video games can stimulate and enhance brain function, which is good news for every teenage gamer out there. But adults can take heart from this information as well. Particularly kidney disease patients going through dialysis treatments. If you’re looking for a way to help your favorite PKD patient you can take them out for lunch, donate a car, or recommend one of these 10 digital brain-teaser games to play during dialysis.

#1 Azada

This game will have you working classic and unique puzzles to solve a magical mystery.



#2 Mechanical Box

Ever dreamed of being a hacker? In this puzzle game you have one job: open the box. Hack your way through the security system to figure out how to do it.

#3 Pythagorea

I know, you told your high school math teacher that you’d never use advanced math again…but this game might have you changing your mind. These geometry puzzles are challenging AND fun.

#4 Cryptica

With riddles, puzzles, and an ancient history theme, this game will give your brain plenty to think about during dialysis.

#5 That Level Again

This clever game has the player attempting the same level again and again, with the solution never the same way twice.

#6 Mekorama

This puzzle has you helping a stumbling robot make his way home through a series of mechanical puzzles. Hours of fun.

#7 The Room

Beautiful graphics, a mind-bending puzzle, and intrigue make this a game that will keep you enthralled for hours.

#8 World’s Hardest Escape Game

Can you find the queen’s stolen rubies and escape? This game will give you plenty of challenges to keep you busy.

#9 Monument Valley

With users calling this clever game “sublime”, “brilliant”, and “elegant” you can guarantee that you’ll enjoy the engaging and unique puzzles.

#10 World of Goo

This fun game will have you using physics and fun to solve puzzles and discover the best way to free a world of goo.