Heart Your Kidneys

"Heart your kidneys and score a touchdown for your health"
Jerry Rice
NFL Hall of Famer


Kidneys keep you alive and kicking. They tackle blood pressure and keep it down. They play defense against kidney stones and keep your body on top of its game 24/7. Yet, when it comes to vital organs, the other frontline players, like the heart, get all the attention. For Pro-football Hall-of-Famer Jerry Rice, kidney health is a personal cause: his brother Tom has chronic kidney disease. He now joins the National Kidney Foundation in a public awareness campaign to make kidney health part of everyday conversation and give kidneys the attention they deserve.

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Players on the K-Team

Other NFL superstars whose lives have been touched by kidney disease have joined Jerry Rice to team up with NKF against kidney disease!
Leon Jacobs in a Jacksonville Jaguars uniform
Image courtesy of the Jacksonville Jaguars
"I have watched someone close to me suffer from CKD and would like to raise awareness about this awful disease in hopes of one day finding a cure."
Leon Jacobs
Linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars
Donald Jones speaking in to a microphone
"When I was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy, I wanted to inspire others to keep pushing. When I retired from the NFL due to my condition, it became clear that it was what I'm supposed to do. That's why I work so hard for kidney patients. Keep a positive mindset and your body will follow."
Donald Jones
Retired wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills and kidney transplant recipient
Xavier Su'A-Filo in a Dallas Cowboys uniform
"I lost my uncle to kidney disease. We were extremely close. With early detection, and treatment, my uncle would still be alive."
Xavier Su'A-Filo
Guard for the Dallas Cowboys
DJ Reader in a Houston Texans uniform
"Kidney health awareness is important to me, because I lost my dad — my best friend, my rock — to kidney disease."
DJ Reader
Nose tackle for the Houston Texans

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