National Kidney Foundation Launches Interactive Nutrition Portal My Food Coach

Users get customized food choices based on lifestyle, medical conditions and taste preferences

New York, NY (October 14, 2014) My Food Coach, an interactive nutrition portal, was launched today by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). My Food Coach by NKF builds upon the foundation’s popular online Kidney Kitchen and offers additional features that enable people with a variety of health conditions and personal dietary needs to customize their food choices and meal planning.

My Food Coach by NKF is designed to help people manage all of their nutritional requirements in a simple, intuitive interface. Users log in and create a profile that includes their various food preferences and health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and/or kidney disease. Diet management is critical for those who have kidney disease, and can be key to preventing or slowing the progression of chronic kidney disease in the 73 million American adults who are at risk.

The platform allows users to search for recipes, ingredients and effectively plan meals that fit their personal nutrition needs. Recipes, packaged foods and national restaurant chain dishes will be easily identified as appropriate or inappropriate choices for each individual, based on his or her unique profile. Users can also add their own recipes, build shopping lists and create a personalized recipe box. My Food Coach by NKF includes a database of recipes and restaurant dishes that are all analyzed for each individual.

My Food Coach by NKF is accessible online as well as via a mobile app. Online accounts sync with the mobile app, which is available in the iPhone, and Google Play stores. Through a partnership with FoodCare®, Registered Dietitians are able to provide advanced nutrition guidance to make using My Food Coach even more personalized.

“The National Kidney Foundation is excited to expand our dietary resources to serve those with kidney disease and their families as well as the millions who are at risk for kidney disease. The ability to easily sync between the web and app versions is in tune with today’s busy lifestyle and enables people to focus on their health and important dietary needs whether at home or while on the go. People can customize their meal planning on a lunch hour, while they’re shopping and as they’re dining out,” said Bruce Skyer, National Kidney Foundation Chief Executive Officer.

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