Connecting the Kidney Community Online

Did you ever walk into a room full of strangers only to find out 10 minutes later that you knew someone's father, another's boss and a third person's kid plays soccer with yours? All of a sudden you get a warm and fuzzy feeling about the people who were previously unfamiliar. Now you can find out instantly how you're connected to thousands of people all over the country and help kidney patients and the National Kidney Foundation in the process.

Click here to sign up with and start making connections.

With over 360,000 Americans on dialysis and more than 37 million at risk for kidney disease, just about everyone knows someone with a kidney connection. By registering on and selecting the National Kidney Foundation as their cause, visitors can see how they are personally connected to people with kidney disease.

A new NKF partner, megree has developed a proprietary online tool that differs from other social networking sites by allowing people to see their connections to others, regardless of whether they are registered with, by removing any restrictions on how people can view their connections and most importantly, by connecting people with the purpose of doing good and promoting charitable activities.

Kidney walkers or participants in other NKF activities can use megree to see how they are connected to other event attendees, community members and to connect with potential supporters who can find their personal connections with kidney patients on megree. So sign up today and begin building those kidney connections!