Love your Kidneys Newsletter February 2013

February 2013

Top 55 Kidney and Heart Danger Signs Not to Ignore

Caution! Heart disease and kidney disease are intertwined. Could you be dismissing a warning sign for a serious condition? Here are 5 clues that may indicate your kidney or heart could be in trouble.

Cherry Berry PieAs Easy As Pie

This Valentine’s Day, forget the sweet nothings and charm your special someone by baking this delicious Cherry Berry Pie. With love from the Kidney Kitchen.

Sugar and Your Kidneys

For shoppers, February’s love connection translates to supermarket aisles brimming with chocolates, sweetheart tarts, and red, white and pink varieties of classic candies. How do these sweets impact your kidneys?

NKF’s CKD Guideline Updated for a Global Audience

Eleven years ago, the National Kidney Foundation established the first-ever guideline for staging, diagnosing and treating chronic kidney disease. Now as science has advanced, it’s been revised to give doctors a more precise picture of how reduced kidney function impacts patients’ overall health and life expectancy, and better tools to predict their prognosis. Find out more about the updates.


Love and friendship come in many forms. how one woman gave the gift of life to her best friend in need.

Kidney KitchenHave a diet question?

Melissa Traub, RD, is here to answer all your pressing kidney nutrition questions. Submit yours on the National Kidney Foundation “Ask the Dietitian” blog.