E-Kidney Newsletter June 2010

June 2010


ESPN Commentator Tees off at NKF Golf Classic to Honor his Mom

Jay Williams has a long history in basketball and an equally long history with kidney disease. As a teenager, he spent hours driving his grandmother back and forth to dialysis treatment and as an adult, he offered moral support to his mom who received a kidney transplant due to the disease she inherited from Grandma. But besides switching roles and supporting his Mom who was his "rock" when he underwent 13 surgeries during his short-lived NBA career, Williams is now back to scoring points as he hits the links and speaks out to help the kidney cause at the NKF Golf Classic.


Double DonationA Kidney Transplant Turns the Doctors into Patients

Dr. Andrew Levey, a leading nephrologist at Tufts University in Boston, has thoroughly described for hundreds of patients what to expect following a kidney transplant operation. These days, however, Levey speaks with a different authority–the expertise of one who's walked in their shoes himself.



Top 10 Tips for Reducing Salt in Your Diet

When it comes to dietary sodium, less is certainly best, yet Americans today consume 50% more than the recommended daily quantities of sodium. Diets high in sodium increase blood pressure levels. High blood pressure damages the kidneys over time, and is a leading cause of kidney failure. To help Americans reduce salt intake to the ideal one teaspoon per day, the National Kidney Foundation and Council of Renal Nutrition member Linda Ulrich offers 10 tips to reduce sodium in your diet.



New NKF Video Series Helps Explain Kidney Disease and Treatment Options

If you or a family member think you might be at risk for kidney disease or if you have recently been diagnosed, NKF's new seven-part video series can provide just the information you need. Narrated by veteran nephrologist Dr. Leslie Spry, the 3-5 minute video clips will help you understand the kidneys' vital role in keeping the body healthy, what you can do to maintain kidney health, how to recognize trouble signs and how to choose a treatment option that's best for you.



As the Weather Heats Up, Stay Cool with this Kidney Kitchen Treat

As temperature readings rise across the country, grab your blender and treat your family to this delicious and simple-to-prepare pineapple frangelico sorbet from the Kidney Kitchen.