Love your Kidneys Newsletter September 2010

September 2010

Two Faiths, One Kidney

When Methodist minister Karen Onesti found out during an interfaith clergy meeting in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, that her colleague, Rabbi Andrew Bossov, was in need of a kidney transplant, she was quick to respond, “I’ll give you one of mine!”

Now more than three years post-transplant, the two say their friendship has deepened and both are healthy and active. They’re so fit, in fact, that they’re teaming up for the Kidney Walk at the Philadelphia Zoo this fall, recruiting family and friends to join their effort. The team name? You guessed it: “I’ll give you one of mine.”

To read more about Karen’s special gift to Rabbi Andy, click here. To sign up for a local Kidney Walk, click here.


Researchers Find Gene for Kidney Failure in People of African Heritage


A group of Israeli researchers have identified a gene that increases the risk of kidney failure in people of African, and particularly sub-Saharan, descent. Upon further testing, this gene identification may revolutionize the prevention, detection, and treatment of chronic kidney disease in people at increased risk.


The Top 5 Questions about Living Kidney Donation


If you’re thinking about donating a kidney to a relative, friend or even a stranger, it’s important to get educated on the process so you understand what’s involved. To help you make this important decision, the NKF answers the top 5 questions about living donation.


Save 25% on a “Love Your Kidneys” Back–to–School Backpack


It’s back to school time! Instead of sending the kids off with a knapsack that’s larger than they are, just pack the notebooks and gym clothes into this lightweight Love Your Kidneys drawstring bag. It’s sturdy, practical and hard to lose with its bright orange “kidney” color. Now save 25% on the backpack and every item in the NKF store when you use coupon code "LYK09" at checkout.


The Kidney Kitchen Adds Some Color to the Dinner Table


As the leaves change color this Fall, bring a little color of your own to the dinner table with this kidney–friendly stir fry dish from the Kidney Kitchen.