Love your Kidneys Newsletter September 2011

September 2011

Volunteering Why Volunteering is a Win-Win

NKF COO Bruce Skyer reflects on his first-ever volunteering gig--collecting cans at age 11--and why giving to others is always a "win-win." Read more.





Cooking up a Volunteer CareerCooking up a Volunteer Career in the Kidney Kitchen

Kidney patient and culinary artist Duane Sunwold felt like the only person in the world with the disease...until he started cooking up a storm as volunteer head chef in the NKF's Kidney Kitchen. Now, he shares good food and good health with more than 100,000 each year. Read more.


Giving Above and Beyond the Call of DutyGiving Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Dialysis technician Shelba Jones doesn't forget about kidneys come 5:00 pm. She simply switches hats from healthcare employee to NKF volunteer. See how and why this dedicated dynamo has a 24/7 kidney commitment. Read more.

Giving Above and Beyond the Call of DutyLazy? Selfish? Americans Dedicated 8.1 Billion Hours to Volunteering Last Year

Americans have a bad rap for being a self-centered group, but new research dispels that myth. In reality, Americans are actually rather generous. Hear more about the giving patterns of the 68 million people who volunteered 81 billion hours last year! Read more.


LegislationTop 5 Reasons to Volunteer

If you never thought of giving up an hour weekly to do something for someone else, perhaps you should. The NKF shares the Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer, or share your time and talent. Read more.




low sugar apple cupcakesTake the Cake with these Delightful, Kidney-friendly Desserts

All this talk about volunteering may be making you hungry. If so, whip up the low sugar apple cupcakes with caramel flavored frosting, straight from the Kidney Kitchen, and dig in. Or better yet, mix two or three batches and hold a bake sale for your favorite charity (the NKF, of course!). Read more.