E-Kidney | May 2013

Kidney Donor Celebrates Transplant Anniversary with 10K

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Last May, Gina Ormond and her Dad were in the hospital waiting to hear if the kidney she donated was working successfully in its new owner. This May, they'll be in Central Park--Gina running and Dad cheering on from the sidelines. Gina has been a runner since her high school days, but the PR exec never thought a race could hold so much meaning to her. And yet, as she pounds the pavement on May 11, with 10,000 other runners at the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K Benefitting the National Kidney Foundation, she knows she'll be tearing up.

Gina's dad, an attorney, was diagnosed with kidney disease in his 20s. He spent years monitoring his kidney function, exercising and watching his diet. By last January, doctors determined that he'd need a transplant. Gina was the donor because she wouldn't take no for an answer. Her mom passed away of cancer in 2006 and she couldn't imagine losing another parent. She also knew that a kidney from someone young and healthy gave him the best chance for a long life going forward. "He's the best dad, it was the least I could do to say thanks for all he's done my whole life!" says Gina.

She sees this race as a wonderful way to celebrate the one year anniversary of the successful transplant, which ironically took place at the newly-opened Sheik Zayed tower at Johns Hopkins. This race is sponsored by the UAE in memory of its leader, Sheik Zayed, a kidney transplant recipient.

For more information or to join Gina and her Dad by registering for the race, click here.

To support Gina's efforts with a contribution to the National Kidney Foundation, click here.