Why Volunteering is a "Win-Win"

I will never forget my first volunteering gig. I was 11 years old and collected recyclables with my best friend, Ken. While I didn't collect too many myself, I saw the amount of cans and newspapers that all of us in the neighborhood collected. I saw the difference we all made that day and it was a powerful feeling that has stayed with me my whole life.

To borrow a cliché from the business world, volunteering is a "win-win," even for an 11-year-old. My neighborhood was cleaner, and I got a feeling of gratification and fulfillment. My community benefitted and I benefitted - we both "won."

We chose to highlight our volunteers in this special issue of "Love Your Kidneys" because without them we simply cannot "win", or have the impact we need to have on the kidney community. Over 38,000 of our friends volunteer for the National Kidney Foundation every year - a clear "win" for the NKF in our fight to prevent chronic kidney disease. But as you can see from their stories, each of our volunteers' experiences are a "win" for them as well.

So please consider "winning for the NKF." Click here to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.