KEEP Healthy

Spring 2012

Breaking Down Fat

If you think avoiding fat all together is a good idea, think again. Research shows that not all fats are created equally when it comes to your health. Check out the good, the bad and the ugly to determine what this means for your diet.


10 Simple Ways to Reduce Unhealthy Fat in Your Diet

There are easy ways to decrease the amount of unhealthy fats you eat, without eliminating the heart healthy ones. The National Kidney Foundation helps you get started with 10 Simple Ways to Reduce Unhealthy Fat in Your Diet.


15 Healthy and Convenient "Fast Foods"

For many people, "healthy fast food" is a contradiction, but healthy, fast foods do exist, so it's not necessary to sacrifice your health for convenience! Stock your kitchen with these 15 fast foods to prevent a last minute dash to the drive-thru.

Watermelon Spritzer

Summer is around the corner. At your next BBQ or picnic, cool down with this refreshing watermelon spritzer that will quench your thirst without damaging your kidneys

Fast FoodChoose the sat fat culprit.

Which of these fast foods, on average, contains the most saturated fat?

  1. Scoop of chocolate ice cream
  2. Single patty hamburger
  3. French fries


Ask the Doctor

Dr. Spry reviews how your kidneys are impacted when you eat a diet high in fat and explains why exercise can protect your kidneys. Find out the answers and check out his new blog on The Huffington Post!

*KEEP Healthy offers general health information. Before you start any diet or exercise plan, you should consult your doctor.