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Spring 2013

5 Ways to KEEP Healthy

5 Ways to KEEP Healthy "On-The-Go" This Summer

The weather's starting to warm up and for many this means getting outside to enjoy it. Whether at the baseball stadium or amusement park, there are ways to KEEP Healthy while taking advantage of the activities, adventures and travels that come along with summer.


Your Recipe for the Perfect Picnic

Your Recipe for the Perfect Picnic

These easy, make-ahead items transport well, taste great and are kidney-friendly! Make sure to pack enough ice in your cooler to avoid spoilage. For other tasty kidney-friendly recipes, visit the Kidney Kitchen.

Zucchini Tortilla Bites: a great appetizer for indoor and outdoor gatherings alike

Fiesta Salad: lighten up with this colorful salad chockfull of veggies

Lemon Curry Chicken Salad: hearty on its own or as a sandwich

Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake: to satisfy your sweet tooth, finish the meal with this berry-licious cake


Ask the Doctor with Leslie Spry, MD

Find out what your caffeine consumption means for your kidneys and don't forget to check out Dr. Spry's blog on The Huffington Post!



Test Your IQ

On average, which of these beverages contains the most caffeine per serving?

a. 12 fl. oz. can of cola
b. 8 fl. oz. cup of coffee
c. 8 fl. oz. cup of black tea
d. 8.4 fl. oz. can of energy drink


KEEP Research

KEEP Research

New research from KEEP shows a link between a lack of health insurance, death and kidney disease. Get the details.

*KEEP Healthy offers general health information. Before you start any diet or exercise plan, you should consult your doctor, dietitian or other healthcare professional.


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