KEEP Healthy

Winter 2012

10 Easy Ways to Shop for Healthy Foods at the Grocery Store

Healthy eating begins with healthy shopping. If your refrigerator and pantry are filled with wholesome fare, it will be easier to choose the carrot sticks over the potato chips when you're craving a crunchy snack. Check out 10 Easy Ways to Shop for Healthy Foods at the Grocery Store.


Your Sweet Tooth

Love is in the air this month, but before you sink your teeth in to that delicious truffle, get the skinny on various types of sugar and common sugar substitutes found in the foods we eat.


Ask the Dietitian

Is dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate better for you? Get the answer!



Ask the Doctor

Dr. Spry, our resident doctor, answers your questions about sugar and its impact on the kidneys, as well as the kidney-heart connection. Click here for the answers.


KEEP Helps Former Prison Chaplain Take Charge of Health

After attending a free KEEP screening, Jeff Carter learned that his high blood pressure was causing kidney damage. He's taking charge of his health and encouraging others to do the same. Read Jeff's motivating story.


New Study Shows Higher Blood Pressure Level Increases Kidney Failure Risk

High blood pressure has always been linked with chronic kidney disease (CKD), but doctors have debated for years what blood pressure levels would slow the disease's progression toward kidney failure. See the latest findings.

*KEEP Healthy offers general health information. Before you start any diet or exercise plan, you should consult your doctor.