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The Kidneys: Filtering Fact From Fiction

The kidneys work 24/7 to filter 200 liters of blood each day, removing two liters of toxins, wastes and water in the process. In honor of National Kidney Month in March, the National Kidney Foundation urges all Americans to acquaint themselves with this vital pair of organs. To get started, Joseph Vassalotti, MD, the National Kidney Foundation Chief Medical Officer, helps put to rest some rumors about the kidneys. Can you filter kidney fact from fiction?

  1. The kidneys just clean the blood. True or False?
  2. If you have kidney disease you must go on dialysis. True or False?
  3. Kidney disease is a manageable condition. True or False?
  4. If you experience lower back pain, it's probably kidney disease. True or False?
  5. Kidney disease affects certain people more than others. True or False?
  6. It's possible to recover from a kidney injury. True or False?

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