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Winter 2013

World Kidney DayWorld Kidney Day is March 14th

Your kidneys work 24/7 to filter 200 liters of blood each day. In honor of National Kidney Month in March, the National Kidney Foundation helps put to rest some rumors about this vital pair of organs. Can you filter kidney fact from fiction? 

Chinese Almond CookiesChinese Almond Cookies

These easy-to-bake almond delights make for a delicious Valentine's Day treat for your sweetie. Check out the recipe in the Kidney Kitchen.

Ask the Doctor with Leslie Spry, MD

Thinking about opening a bottle of wine and pouring a glass to enjoy with dinner? Before you do, check out Dr. Spry's answers to your questions about alcohol and the kidneys.

Grains: Between the LayersGrains: Between the Layers

A healthy diet consists of a variety of foods from different sources. When it comes to grains, there are many different types, and equally as many product claims about them. It can get confusing, so use this guide to help sift out the healthiest grains.

Melissa Altman-Traub, RDAsk the Dietitian

Melissa Altman-Traub, RD, compares whole and refined grains and answers your questions about eating for optimal kidney health.  You can also submit questions to her via the National Kidney Foundation's "Ask the Dietitian" blog.

Leslie AlbeHealthy Lifestyle Helps One Woman Avoid Kidney Failure

Leslie is young, athletic and recently started a new career in fitness. What you can't tell from her photo is that she was on the verge of needing dialysis and a kidney transplant. Read Leslie's inspiring story about her battle with kidney disease.


*KEEP Healthy offers general health information. Before you start any diet or exercise plan, you should consult your doctor, dietitian or other healthcare professional.


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