KEEP Healthy

Dear National Kidney Foundation KEEP® Participants, Family and Friends,

There is no better time than the present to make healthy lifestyle choices and improve your quality of life. Why wait to start making those healthy lifestyles changes? In this first KEEP Healthy newsletter, you will receive many tips and suggestions for improving your nutrition, health and overall awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and its risk factors.

This is an exciting year for the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) as we celebrate our 60th anniversary and our 10th year of providing the Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP). Since its national launch in August 2000, KEEP has aided in the fight against CKD and has helped raise awareness about kidney disease among those at risk by providing free testing and educational information. With more than 150,000 participants, KEEP continues to provide valuable health information for participants and medical professionals.

Although the program has evolved since its start 10 years ago, the focus on kidney disease awareness and improving the outlook of those at risk for CKD has remained our top priority. The NKF is always looking for ways to better educate those at risk for CKD. This newsletter, KEEP Healthy, will inform KEEP participants, family and friends about important KEEP information and related health news. We will share information on CKD and its risk factors such as hypertension and diabetes, and also tips on how to best control these risk factors.

The NKF wants to hear from you! If there are specific health related questions, themes or topics you want to hear about which will be helpful to our KEEP community, please send your suggestions to Send in your KEEP success stories and each newsletter will feature a participant’s story highlighting how KEEP has impacted his or her life.

If you have not already started taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle, I hope the tips in this newsletter will inspire you to start.

Monica Gannon
Director of Early Intervention Programs
National Kidney Foundation