Top 10 Reasons to Donate Your Car to Kidney Cars!

The NKF can drive down kidney disease with your used vehicles. The NKF’s Kidney Cars program is a charitable contribution opportunity that enables you to turn in your used car, van, truck or even boat and receive benefits that you won't get from a regular dealer trade–in. You'll get a good feeling — the kind you experience when you help those in need — and you may even get a tax–deduction. Your vehicles will pump dollars into NKF's initiatives in awareness, prevention and treatment as we lead the fight against kidney disease.

Here are the NKF’s top 10 reasons to donate your car to the Kidney Cars program:

  1. You’re on a first-name basis with your mechanic.
  2. The state has issued you a complimentary vanity license plate that reads, “NOT MINE.”
  3. You need a tax donation and you’re too old for another baby.
  4. We give new meaning to the term “charity drive.”
  5. You must attach your CD player to the lighter outlet to listen to music.
  6. You want to go green! Your donation will help reduce air pollution. Last year, Kidney Cars collected more than 46,000 tons of materials and recycled them, putting to use materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.
  7. This is the only time towing your car won’t cost you – it’s free of charge.
  8. The spider webs on your steering wheel are older than your kid in college.
  9. The EPA has ordered an Oil Recovery Team to report to your driveway.
  10. It’s a fast and easy way to get rid of an unwanted car and your car donation can help save lives!

Donate today!