National Kidney Foundation Statement on The Organ Donation Clarification Act of 2016

May 25, 2016 - The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) strongly supports removing barriers to living organ donation, and believes that all expenses related to the donation should be covered so that neither the organ donor, nor the organ recipient, bears any financial costs. 

While we appreciate Representative Cartwright (D-PA) for his efforts to increase organ donation, NKF is opposed to two provisions in The Organ Donation Clarification Act of 2016:

  1. The authorization of pilot programs that, under the language in the bill, could include financial incentives or benefits for organ donation.  NKF opposes financial payments that are above and beyond the reimbursement of donation-related expenses.
  2. The authorization of non-cash benefits, as the bill does not define what a “non-cash benefit” is thus leaving the interpretation too open and subject to abuse.     

The Organ Donation Clarification Act of 2016, as written, leaves too much open for misinterpretation and could have the unintended consequence of doing harm to both the donor, and transplant recipient, alike.  The National Kidney Foundation Transplant Task Force—comprised of transplant surgeons, physicians, living donors and transplant patients—is proactively pursuing the best opportunities for increasing organ donation; and examining the most effective ways of removing the barriers to organ donation for both donors and patients.  We look forward to sharing these recommendations with Representative Cartwright and the transplant community in order to address the agreed upon barriers to donation, and expand our nation’s organ supply.   

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