New Continuing Education Symposium Targeting Nephrology Technicians

New York—February 27, 2017—The National Kidney Foundation has announced a new, two-day accredited continuing education symposium for nephrology technicians and technologists to be held in conjunction with the foundation’s upcoming 2017 Spring Clinical Meeting in Orlando, Florida.  The new symposium, to be held on April 20 and 21, is a result of collaboration between National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the National Association of Nephrology Technicians/Technologists (NANT). 
Clinical topics will include anemia management; day-to-day patient challenges; importance of medication compliance; advantages of home therapies; and mentoring, coaching and career advancement opportunities.  Biomedical topics will include advanced water treatment; time management; advanced electronics; supply management; home therapies and what it means to a biomedical technician; advanced dialysis machine trouble shooting; and managing and maintaining access. 
“We are very pleased to partner with NANT in offering this continuing education symposium at our Spring Clinical Meetings,” said Jessica Joseph, Vice President, Scientific Activities, NKF.  “Nephrology technicians and technologists play a key role in the health and overall well-being of people suffering from kidney disease,” she added. 
 “Dialysis technicians are required to maintain their continuing education, and it is also a critical component to their success in providing the highest quality of care to the patients they serve,” said Kevin Burns, Sr., President, NANT.  “This new two-day symposium will be an important opportunity for nephrology technicians and technologists to benefit from a wider range of educational programming with the ability to obtain their needed contact hours for certification or recertification,” he added.

Both NANT and NKF members will receive discounted registration to attend the symposium.  Registration includes access to both the NANT program, as well as the entire NKF 2017 Spring Clinical Meetings.  Technicians may attend any session or any program track.   To register, or for additional program information, visit
Kidney Disease Facts
1 in 3 American adults is at risk for kidney disease.  26 million American adults have kidney disease—and most aren’t aware of it.  Risk factors for kidney disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, family history, and age 60+.  People of African American; Hispanic; Native American; Asian; or Pacific Islander descent are at increased risk for developing the disease.  African Americans are 3 ½ times more likely, and Hispanics 1 ½ times more likely, to experience kidney failure.
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