Advocacy and Public Policy Challenges by the Numbers

Overview of the Kidney Disease Population

  • 73 million 1 in 3 American adults is currently at risk for developing kidney disease

  • 26 million 1 in 9 American adults – are estimated to have chronic kidney disease (CKD), although most don’t know

  • 3 million Medicare patients have a diagnosis of CKD (stages 1-4), but not kidney failure and many more are estimated to have the disease, but are undiagnosed

  • 661,648 Americans have irreversible kidney failure, or end-stage renal disease (ESRD), and require dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive

  • 468,386 ESRD patients receive dialysis at least 3 times per week to replace kidney function

  • 193,262 Americans live with a functioning kidney transplant

  • 89,139 People with ESRD die annually

  • 17,878 Americans received a kidney transplant in 2015

  • 5,628 Americans received a kidney transplant from a living donor in 2015

  • 100,102 Americans were on the kidney transplant waiting list as of April 25, 2016

  • 37% of ESRD patients had a primary diagnosis of diabetes, the leading cause of ESRD

  • 25% of ESRD patients had a primary diagnosis of hypertension, the second leading cause of ESRD

  • 34% of ESRD patients were cared for by a nephrologist for a year or more prior to their kidney failure

  • 75.5% of New ESRD patients apply for Medicare

Costs of Kidney Disease in the United States

  • $99 billion Annual Medicare costs to care for people with all stages of CKD[1]

  • $68 billion Annual Medicare costs to care for people with CKD (stages 1-4), without kidney failure

  • $31 billion Annual Medicare costs to care for people with ESRD

  • $118,669 Medicare spending for kidney transplant per patient in the first year

  • $84,450 Medicare spending on a dialysis patient, per-year

  • $29,920 Medicare spending for a functioning transplant patient, per-year (after the first year)

  • $2,683 Medicare Part B spending on immunosuppressive drugs, per year

[1]   Includes only Medicare Fee-For Service patients over 65

Updated April 2016

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