National Kidney Foundation Publishes New Booklet on the Grieving Process

New York, NY (August 28, 2001) - Are you or someone you know grieving the loss of a spouse? The Grief Journey: The Death of a Spouse or Lifetime Companion, published by the National Kidney Foundation's (NKF) National Donor Family Council is now available to help widows and widowers through the difficult healing process.

In a question and answer format, the booklet provides practical information for coping with the initial loss, tackling practical problems like finances and personal property, dealing with friends and family, children's grieving and planning for the future.

The booklet also includes sections on how organ and tissue donation can ease the grieving process. It offers advice on initiating a family discussion about organ donation and resolving family differences in the decision to donate organs and understanding the donation process.

According to Willa Pilcher, author of the Grief Journey and herself a donor wife, "People who have recently lost a significant other rarely have the concentration or desire to read large volumes. What they seek is short, easily accessible answers and that is what we aimed to provide with this booklet."

The National Donor Family Council was founded in 1992 as the "home for donor families." Comprising over 8,000 donor family members and professionals, the Council works to enhance the sensitivity and effectiveness of the organ and tissue procurement process, provide opportunities for families to grieve and grow and utilize the unique perspective and experiences of these families to increase organ and tissue donation.

The National Kidney Foundation is the nation's leading voluntary health agency dedicated to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and well-being of those affected by these diseases, and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation. To order this booklet for $3.00 or for more information on donor family services, contact the NKF at (800) 622-9010 or log on at