Give the Gift of Life and Share Your Wishes

New York, NY (September 5, 2000) - With the holiday season just around the corner, thousands of Americans are fine-tuning their "wish lists" so family members won't have to guess at the perfect gift. While you're letting your family in on your heart's desires, don't forget to let them know your wishes about becoming an organ donor. As part of its annual Holiday Resolution Campaign, the National Kidney Foundation is encouraging all Americans to donate life by signing a donor card and discussing their wishes with family members.

"The holiday season is about giving and spending time with family. It's also a perfect time to discuss organ and tissue donation, since family consent is needed at the time of donation," says Fred Herbert, chairman of the National Kidney Foundation. "Making a decision to donate life is a generous, selfless act, which reflects the true spirit of the season."

More than 70,000 Americans are currently awaiting life-saving organ transplants, nearly 10 percent of whom are young people under 18 years of age. Every day, 16 to 17 of these people die while waiting for a vital organ. If more people donated organs, those in need would spend less time on the waiting list and more lives would be saved. An estimated 10,000 to 14,000 people who die each year meet the criteria for organ donation, but less than half of that number become actual organ donors.

By filling out the Uniform Donor Card you make yourself a part of the effort to save lives through organ and tissue donation. You can print this card and fill it out by clicking here and then simply mail it to the address on the card.

The National Kidney Foundation is dedicated to increasing the number of organs available for transplantation and enhancing the lives of donor families and transplant recipients. For more information and a free organ donor card, call the NKF at (800) 622-9010.